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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 Update - Full Patch Notes - GameSpot
Infinity Ward has released the patch notes for the big PS4, Xbox One, and PC update, and there are some major changes coming.

How to play free YouTube music in the background on Android and iPhones - The Verge
You can play free YouTube videos in the background on Android phones and iPhones — but it’s tricky. You can enable PiP for Android or use workarounds to play music.

It Costs So Much Money To Crash On The Nürburgring - Jalopnik
The internet loves Nürburgring crashes. Race crashes, prototype crashes, crash compilations—we’re obsessed. But we don’t really talk about what comes next. The price penalty drivers face for wrecking part of the track is probably worth more than the cars.

OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro prices leak — get ready for some sticker shock - Android Police
OnePlus got its foot in the door by selling phones with flagship-level performance at lower prices, but it hasn't been immune to the huge increases in

HBO GO and HBO NOW Will No Longer Be Available on 2nd and 3rd Gen Apple TVs Starting April 30 - MacRumors
HBO today announced that its HBO GO and HBO NOW streaming services will no longer be available on second-generation and third-generation Apple TV...

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows - Official Suiryu Trailer - IGN
Suiryu, a five-time champion of the Super Fight, joins the roster as a playable character when the first DLC arrives on April 9, 2020. #ign

Google’s Hangouts Meet is now just Google Meet - The Verge
Hangouts Meet is no longer Hangouts Meet; it’s now just Google Meet. Google has confirmed that the new Google Meet is part of G Suite, and it’s a separate product from Hangouts Chat.

Valorant closed beta: The tactical hero shooter I never knew I wanted - Ars Technica
League of Legends' creators made a Counter-Strike clone—and holy crap, is it good.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will spoil turnips if you time travel - Polygon
On Sunday, I bought as many turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons stalk market with a plan — get rich. On Tuesday, I realized that my plan had backfired. Here’s how not to play the stalk market.

PS5 DualSense And Xbox Series X Controller: Next-Gen Comparison - GameSpot
Though the PlayStation 5 DualSense and Xbox Series X controller have several similarities, both next-gen controllers are fairly different when it comes to overall design.

Apple Sending Replacement AirPods With Unreleased Firmware, Rendering Them Unusable - MacRumors
Customers who require a replacement AirPod from Apple have in some cases been receiving an AirPod running 2D3 firmware, which is not a version of the...

Best gaming deals: Nintendo Switch bundles, Xbox Game Pass, puzzles - Polygon
This week, GameStop offers bundles with the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, Microsoft takes $100 off Xbox One X consoles, Amazon throws in a free three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and Mondo runs a sale on pop culture puzzles and other collecti…

iPhone: How to improve Face ID with a mask - 9to5Mac
This step by step guide with screenshots covers how to use Face ID with a mask on iPhone. We'll cover two ways to improve Face ID with a mask.

Microsoft starts testing a new news reading experience in Windows 10 - TechCrunch
Microsoft announced its latest Windows 10 preview build today and while that is a pretty routine affair these days, the company also used today’s announcement to also launch the beta version of a new news consumption experience that anybody on a Windows 10 de…

Final Fantasy XIV's Latest Relic Hunt Is A Compelling Story Quest - Kotaku
If there’s one thing a good MMO needs, it’s fancy loot. That can mean World of Warcraft’s various class artifacts or Final Fantasy XIV’s relics, some of the best weapons in the game. The latter come with each new expansion, and it’s finally Shadowbringers’ tu…

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