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Nintendo sues Bowser for violating copyright with Switch hacks - Engadget
Nintendo is suing Bowser (that is, Gary Bowser) for allegedly violating copyright by selling Switch hacks.

Google introducing a feature in Chrome 90 to create links to highlighted text on a webpage - The Verge
A new feature in Chrome 90 will allow users to create a link to a section of a website that they’ve highlighted. First launched as a browser extension called Link to Text Fragment last year, Google has now added the feature within Chrome itself.

PlayStation 5 Is Now the Fastest-Selling Console in U.S. History - Gizmodo
Sony’s PlayStation 5 is the fastest-selling gaming console in U.S. history in both unit and dollar sales, according to retail analyst firm The NPD Group. So if you’ve been struggling to get your hands on one since its release last November, scalpers may not b…

iPad Pro vs Mac: What is your main workstation? [Poll] - 9to5Mac
With the rumored 2021 iPad Pro probably coming next week and Apple rolling out its refreshed Mac lineup, are you Team iPad or Team Mac?

Nintendo files lawsuit against Team Xecuter's Gary Bowser -
If you thought the arrest of some of Team Xecuter's group would be the end of things for the two sides, you'd be wrong. It's Bowser VS Bowser, as...

Grab three Nest Audio speakers for less than the price of two with this bundle deal - Android Police
Smart speakers continue to be one of the biggest trends in tech today, and Google's newest release is its best yet. A solid replacement for the Google

2021 Audi RS 6 Drag Races All Previous Generations for Fast Wagon Supremacy - autoevolution
Audi Sport GmbH and its predecessor - quattro GmbH - have a long history of high-performance vehicles. The go-faster division is best known for sports wagons that include the RS2 Avant, along with the R8 supercar and more curious models such as the Q7 with th…

Unbeatable Ryzen Threadripper 3990X and formidable Ryzen 9 5900HX head AMD-dominated desktop and laptop processor performance charts but Intel retains market stranglehold -
New computer processor performance ranking charts for the first quarter of 2021 have been published by the Chinese benchmark Master Lu. The tables reveal a familiar tale: AMD dominates in performance thanks to chips like the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, Ryzen 9 …

The First-Ever Camera Collar Footage Shot by a Wild Wolf - PetaPixel
You can now see the world from a wolf's point of view. This 3-minute video is the first-ever camera collar footage shot from the perspective of a wild

Cold War & Warzone Season 3 artwork reportedly leaked -
A first look at Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 3 artwork has leaked online.

PS5 & Xbox Series X Restock Coming to Target Next Week Reveals Insider - April 2021 - Gaming INTEL
There's a new PS5 and Xbox Series X restock lined up for next week at Target, according to an insider. Here's how to get your console:

Resident Evil 8 unveils new trailer alongside details of second demo -
Village also comes with the return of a fan-favourite mode.

Google Project Zero will give a 30-day grace period before disclosing security issues - The Verge
Google’s Project Zero, a team of dedicated security engineers tasked with reducing the number of “zero day” vulnerabilities around the entire internet, will give developers an extra 30 days before disclosing vulnerability issues.

Top Stories: Apple Event Next Tuesday, Mini-LED iPad Pro, iPhone Rumors - MacRumors
It feels like we've been waiting forever for new Apple products, but the wait is almost over as Apple has announced a media event for next...

Apple @ Work: How Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 have led to a boom in email app innovation in the workplace - 9to5Mac
For those using Apple at work, the transition to hosted email has led to the ability to find email apps that work best for their workflow.

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