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Giratina Meta Game Analysis in Pokémon GO - Pokemon GO Hub
Giratina is back we now have two formes to analyze for PvE and PvP. Which Giratina reigns supreme? Dive in with Meta Master Kratos to find out!

Google Maps adds a city-themed 'Snake' game - Engadget
Google Maps now includes a 'Snake' game tied to real cities, and it's not just a one-off April Fools gag.

5 Galaxy S10 features you're going to love most - CNET
Samsung's Galaxy S10 phones are tested and the verdicts are in. Here's what they do best.

The Week In Games: Darkside Of The Switch - Kotaku
After a busy last week, this week is much quieter. No huge games, but for Switch owners looking for some demon killing, Darksiders Warmastered Edition hits the portable system this week.

Artist alleges the Taro skin in Fortnite is stolen from her design - PowerUp!
An artist who posts their work on DeviantArt has accused Epic Games of stealing one of her designs for a Fortnite skin. The Taro skin was released in

Surface Book 2 Now Offers an 8th-Generation Core i5 Configuration -
When Surface Book 2 debuted in late 2017, the base configuration was only offered with a dual-core 7th-generation Intel Core-i5 processor.

Linux Lite 4.4 is ready to replace Microsoft Windows on your aging PC - BetaNews
One of the best things about operating systems based on the Linux kernel is they can sometimes be very lightweight. Why is this important? Well, when an OS uses very few resources, it can breathe new life into an aging PC. In other words, just because Windows…

Tyler1 loses $10,000 bet to... - Dot Esports
Tyler1 finished in Diamond I while Yassuo reached Grandmaster.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Will Scan-In Real World People and Environments - Game Rant
Bethesda details some of the new graphics technology it will be employing its upcoming projects like The Elder Scrolls 6 that will allow it to scan-in real world people.

The Outer Worlds Gameplay Demo Highlights Combat, Weapons, Dialogue, and More - Game Rant
The video game developer Obsidian Entertainment releases a little over 20 minutes of gameplay footage from its forthcoming first-person action-RPG, The Outer Worlds.

AT&T is the first 5G carrier in the US to reach gigabit speeds - Engadget
AT&T says it's the first to top 1Gbps on a 5G network in the US, although there are conditions attached to that feat.

The Analogue Mega Sg answers why anyone would pay $190 for a new Sega Genesis - Ars Technica
Review: Prepare to find serious Sega authenticity by default and geeky tweaks for weeks.

5 new weapon attachments we want to see in Apex Legends - Dexerto
Apex Legends burst onto the battle royale scene but there's still work to be done. Here's a look at five of the weapon attachments we'd like to see.

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