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Call Of Duty Warzone Gets Surprise Changes, Modern Warfare Gets New Maps - Kotaku
Call of Duty’s Season Two Reloaded update was released for Warzone today. In a weird turn of events, 2019’s Modern Warfare received the better part of the update, leaving many players upset.

The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Its Next-Gen Glow Up June 8 - Kotaku
The Elder Scrolls Online is a good-looking game, but playing it on console locked at 30 frames per second hurts my heart. Healing is coming, however, with the June 8 release of The Elder Scrolls Online - Console Enhanced, an upgraded version for Xbox Series X…

Millionaire Forgets To Pay Electric Bill - Kotaku
Today, the top streamer on Twitch was forced to quit mid-stream because, he says, he forgot to pay his power bill. He is a millionaire. You hate to see it.

How to Get a Chronological News Feed in Facebook - Lifehacker
All I ever want is to set my Facebook News Feed to chronological. I don’t care what Facebook thinks I should look at, or what it thinks are the most popular posts around my friend network. I just want to view everyone’s posts based on the time they post them…

Periscope shuts down, six years after popularizing mobile live streaming - The Verge
Twitter announced that Periscope, its live streaming service, would shut down today, March 31st, 2021. The service launched in 2015 and popularized live streaming from phones.

Here are the problems with distributing vaccines like they’re PS5s - Polygon
Eligibility requirements for the COVID-19 vaccine have opened up in multiple states, allowing more people than ever to get the vaccine. However, securing an appointment requires tech-savvy skills, along with time and energy, which the most vulnerable communit…

Google ditches Mobile World Congress 2021, the world’s biggest phone show - The Verge
Google has announced that it will not exhibit at Mobile World Congress this year, making it the biggest name so far to ditch the show, following major telecom infrastructure providers Nokia and Ericsson as well as Sony and Oracle.

Verizon will give you up to $1000 for your broken iPhone, claims it’s not an April Fools’ Day prank - 9to5Mac
Verizon has shared a new aggressive trade-in program today that it says will let new and existing customers trade in broken iPhones for up to $1000 in credit when buying a new iPhone. The company says it’s not an April Fools’ Day joke and that the limited-tim…

Discord is launching new Clubhouse-like channels for audio events - TechCrunch
Everyone is scrambling to build a Clubhouse clone right now, but for Discord it makes perfect sense. With everyone stuck at home searching for safe ways to rekindle their social lives over the last year, Discord’s appeal exploded. The company cites new behavi…

Among Us getting ‘full art style revamp’ in future update - The Verge
Among Us is changing its look. In a post on its site today, developer InnerSloth said that its plans have “completely updated the art style with cleaner lines and an easier animation process.” It will also expand its lobby size to include up to 15 players.

Valve is still letting bots invade one of its longest-running games | Engadget - Engadget
'Team Fortress 2' has been nearly unplayable for over nine months.

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