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Google warns Chrome users browser has been hacked - WGN TV Chicago
If you use Google Chrome as an internet browser, beware, your information could be compromised.

23 MORE Things You STILL Didn't Know In Zelda Breath Of The Wild - GameSpot
Its been a whole year since we first started, thank you all for sticking around! This time we'll be escaping the earthly borders of Hyrule, super swimming th...

Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod Gives Barret A Classic Amano Makeover - Kotaku
Yoshitaka Amano didn’t give Barret a ton of love while designing Final Fantasy VII, but one mod creator did their best to recreate his vibes in-game

Bungie Sees Multiple Claims Against Destiny Cheat Seller Dismissed In Federal Court - Kotaku
The rest of Bungie’s case against AimJunkies still stands in the ongoing lawsuit

The latest Pixel Watch spec rumors show Google's trying to make a flagship - The Verge
According to rumors, Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch will have the option of cellular connectivity with a 300mAh battery.

Forza Horizon relisted on Microsoft Store - TrueAchievements
Xbox 360 favourite Forza Horizon has mysteriously reappeared on the Microsoft Store out of the blue. It doesn't seem to be included in Xbox Game Pass, however, and the price might raise a few eyebrows...

Google employees get private Lizzo concert as they return to the office - CNBC
Google hired Lizzo to perform for thousands of employees as the company tried to celebrate a return to the office.

Destiny 2’s Xur Has A Near-Perfect Exotic You Should Grab Now - Forbes
It’s that time again, where Destiny 2 vendor Xur has woken up and decided to start handing out the god rolls.

The Long Dark's first paid content will drop later this year and follow a "season-pass type approach" -
The Long Dark's very first paid DLC is coming "later this year". That's according to a new developer diary in which Hin…

Every little bit helps: How to pick the least eco-hostile laptop - Ars Technica
Laptops are generally bad for the environment—but some are less bad than others.

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