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Tennessee family visiting Disney world discovered unknown Apple AirTag used to track teen daughter - Daily Mail
Jennifer Gaston, and her 17-year-old daughter alerted police about the suspicious digital activity after receiving a notification late at night while returning to their car from the theme park.

Stardew Valley modders have some funny ideas for the grandpa’s bed - Polygon
The farming simulator Stardew Valley is known for having a vibrant mod scene, and one scene has stuck out to fans. Modders are creating comedic updates to change the grandpa’s bed.

Bandai Namco trademarks 'G Generation Eternal' in Japan, Square Enix trademarks 'Relic Strike' - Gematsu
Bandai Namco filed a trademark for "G Gene Eternal" in Japan, or "G Generation Eternal," on April 21 in Japan. The trademark is likely for a new title in the SD Gundam G Generation series.

Castlevania's 35th Anniversary Reminds Us Of Its Many Admirers And Imitators - GameSpot
In honor of Castlevania's 35th anniversary, we take a look back at some of the games that were inspired by the franchise.

Dead Cells is "tough but fair" but new accessibility features include auto-hit, continue, and assist modes -
Dead Cells co-developer Evil Empire has opened up about new accessibility options coming to the fan-favourite indie.It …

Leaked images claim to show Forza Motorsport 8 running on Xbox One | VGC - Video Games Chronicle
The new instalment has only been announced for Xbox Series S and X…

Warzone Operation Monarch Date & Start Time - Godzilla vs Kong Event - Gaming INTEL
Want to know exactly when you can drop into the Godzilla vs King Kong event? Here's the date and start time for Operation Monarch in Warzone.

Three dangerous warning signs you should delete a WhatsApp text immediately - New York Post
WhatsApp is a prime target for crooks – so spotting the warnings signs of a dangerous text can help you stay safe.

Android's fallen rivals revisited: Windows 10 Mobile - Android Authority
Android had a ton of rivals over the years, including Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile. But what's it like to look back at the platform in 2022?

Kuo: Apple Watch Series 7 Missed Body Temperature Monitoring Due to Algorithm Problems, but Feature Could Still Come to Series 8 - MacRumors
Apple canceled plans to add a body temperature sensor to the Apple Watch Series 7, but the feature could come to the Apple Watch Series 8 instead,...

Why Jony Ive Left Apple to the ‘Accountants’ - The New York Times
The man who helped give the world candy-colored computers walked out the door as Tim Cook took charge. What does that mean for the company’s next big thing?

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