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Microsoft's cloud services are down again, possible DNS issue - Engadget
Having Xbox problems? Microsoft's cloud outage could be causing sign-in problems.

Counter-Strike Match-Fixing Is So Bad The FBI Is Getting Involved - Kotaku
We’ve seen plenty of Australians get pinged by police and tournament organisers for match fixing and illegal betting in Counter-Strike, but the problem is apparently so bad that the FBI is now getting involved to clean up North America.

Brewmaster is an indie game about making craft beer, planned for 2022 - Polygon
Brewmaster is an upcoming craft beer brewing simulation game, developed by Auroch Digital and published by Sold Out. This is a game where players customize their own brewing space, create drinks, and tinker with the various aspects of making their own craft b…

Microsoft’s Cortana meets an untimely end on iOS and Android - Ars Technica
This is only the latest development in a series of cuts for Cortana.

Xbox Is Supporting Old Games, While Sony And Nintendo Are Leaving Them Behind - Kotaku
Yesterday, Microsoft made it possible to instantly stream a bunch of older Xbox 360 and original Xbox games to any device compatible with Game Pass. It’s another piece of evidence that Microsoft is taking backward compatibility very seriously this time around…

Call of Duty: Warzone helicopters removed due to invisibility glitch - Polygon
Call of Duty: Warzone’s season 2 Reloaded patch was released on Wednesday and introduced a new problem with helicopters. According to Raven Software, the minigun helicopter has a glitch that allows players to turn invisible, so the chopper has been disabled

E3 2021 leak suggests paywall, Nvidia streaming; ESA says it’ll be “free for all” - Ars Technica
Leaked ESA pitch includes name change: "Electronic Entertainment Experience."

Overwatch’s April Fools’ Day joke is an evil universe version of the game - Polygon
Anyone who tries the experimental card for this April Fools’ Day in Overwatch will be quite surprised by the changes, which give all sorts of heros wild tools and chaotic tricks up their sleeves. Sigma and Reaper can fly, Mercy is much better at murder, and M…

Daily Deals: New Dell 10% Off Coupon Code Works on Alienware RTX 30 Series Gaming Laptops and Desktop PCs - IGN - IGN
Dell Technologies 10% Off Coupon Code Works on Alienware Aurora Gaming PCs and Alienware m15 and m17 Gaming Laptops

The more advanced version of Samsung's SmartTag trackers is finally up for pre-order - Android Police
Samsung announced the Galaxy SmartTag back in January, alongside its Galaxy S21 series of phones. A direct competitor to Tile, SmartTags are designed to

Sony Japan Studio Restructure Leads to Mass Exodus of Developers - IGN - IGN
Several key members of PlayStation Japan Studio have announced their last days as the developer re-structures around Astro's Playroom's Team ASOBI.

Nintendo Switch deals: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is $10 off - Ars Technica
Dealmaster also has deals on Amazon devices, MagSafe chargers, and more.

Chrome for Android gets PWA install prompts that look a lot like Google Play Store listings - Chrome Unboxed
As we continue to see progressive web apps storm the Play Store in place of traditionally packaged apps, a new development to the PWA install dialogue has been revealed. Upon looking at the image below, you'll notice that it looks a whole lot like a Google Pl…

Fortnite’s April Fools’ skin: Stonks meme guy ‘Diamond Hanz’ - Polygon
Fortnite, on April 1, 2021, began offering “Diamond Hanz,” a character based on the “Stonks” meme associated with the GameStop stock price craze from early winter 2021. Diamond Hanz costs 1,200 V-Bucks.

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