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Google One users in 4 countries can get a free 2nd-gen Nest Hub by upgrading to 2TB annual plan - 9to5Google
In the past, Google One has offered free Assistant speakers to existing subscribers and prospective members. A Google One Nest Hub offer...

Ubisoft want to be "key players" in blockchain gaming - Rock Paper Shotgun
Ubisoft say they want to be "key players" in blockchain gaming, having invested in a "branded blockchain gaming" company.

Facebook verified a Bitcoin scammer pretending to be Elon Musk - Engadget
Facebook verified an Elon Musk fan page by mistake..

Unpacking Review - IGN
Disclosure: Humble Bundle, the publisher of Unpacking, is owned by Ziff Davis, the parent company of IGN. Humble Bundle and IGN operate completely independen...

Happy Home Paradise Will Be Animal Crossing: New Horizons' One And Only Paid DLC - Kotaku
Nintendo to ramp down major support for the game following this week’s paid expansion and free version 2.0 update

Here's what Android apps running on Windows means for Chromebooks - Chrome Unboxed
When Microsoft first announced Android app support for Windows 11, beginning with its Insider Preview, many people got excited, myself included. Understandably so, right? There's literally an app for almost everything, and over the past two decades, they've t…

Best Nintendo Gifts: Holiday Gift Guide 2021 - IGN
Perfect gift ideas for the Nintendo fans in your life, including Switch accessories, carrying cases, Joy-Con, microSD cards, and more.

Amazon's New World faces down a world of wild glitches - Ars Technica
Players spamming the game with giant sausages was the tip of the iceberg.

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Zombies mode won’t have a main quest at launch - Polygon
Treyarch quietly announced on Nov. 1, 2021 that the Zombies mode for Call of Duty: Vanguard, launching on Nov. 5, won’t have a main quest when multiplayer Season 1 begins Dec. 2. That will come later, probably after Season 1 ends.

Student Mods an iPhone X to Add a Functional USB-C Port - MacRumors
Apple seems to have no plans to replace the iPhone's Lightning port with a USB-C port to bring it in line with Macs and iPads, but robotics...

Uncharted 3's Director Reveals the Origin Of the Famous Cargo Plane Sequence On Its 10th Anniversary - IGN - IGN
On Uncharted 3's 10th anniversary, several Naughty Dog developers came together to remember its development on the PS3, including the famous cargo plane sequence that is being recreated for the Uncharted movie.

Why macOS updates might brick your Mac, and what you can do about it - Ars Technica
Anecdotal reports suggest the Monterey update is leaving some Macs unresponsive.

Apex Legends: Escape - Official Battle Pass Trailer - IGN
Watch the trailer for a look at what to expect with the Apex Legends' Escape battle pass. Battle through Daily and Weekly Challenges to earn cosmetic sets fo...

More People Are Playing Left 4 Dead 2 Than Back 4 Blood - Kotaku
Steam numbers show Turtle Rock’s latest project losing out to its 12-year-old predecessor

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