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The first 240W USB-C cables just broke cover - The Verge
The first USB-C PD 2.1 cables have broken cover with up to 240W of power and up to 40Gbps of data. At up to two meters long, they’re from a Dutch manufacturer named Club3D.

Cambria/Quest Pro Price 'Significantly' Higher Than $800 - UploadVR
Meta says its next VR headset, Project Cambria, should be priced significantly higher than $800.

Forza Horizon Reappears On Xbox Store 6 Years After Being Delisted - IGN - IGN
The popular racing game has been delisted for over half a decade, making the whole situation rather unusual.

Sykkuno to YouTube in exclusive deal - Polygon
Sykkuno joins Valkyrae and other streamers on YouTube exclusively and will no longer be streaming on Twitch.

Apple accuses engineers of stealing chip secrets with AirDrop and Time Machine - 9to5Mac
Apple is suing a stealth startup called Rivos for poaching engineers with access to secret company information. According to the complaint, Apple believes former employees stole proprietary information at the request of Rivos as part of the recruiting process…

Tomb Raider's Lifetime Sales Revealed After Embracer Group Sale - IGN - IGN
Crystal Dynamics and Embracer Group shared that the Tomb Raider brand has stayed strong and sold 88 million units since its inception in 1996.

Florida Ford GT Owner Crashes Because He's "Unfamiliar" With Manual Transmission: Police - Road & Track
The driver had just purchased the 2006 Heritage Edition GT for $704,000 at a Barrett-Jackson auction last month.

Fitbit and Google Fit metrics are heading to the Nest Hub - The Verge
A new Google support page shows the company will soon add Google Fit and Fitbit integrations to its Nest Hub displays. The move is part of a greater push into wearable and health tech.

Apple TV+ Free Trial 2022: How to Get Free Apple TV Plus Account: Deal - STYLECASTER
If you haven't seen "Ted Lasso" and "Severance," here's how to do so for $0.

Apple's Steve Jobs used vacations for big-picture brainstorms - Business Insider
Nest co-founder Tony Fadell, an early Apple engineer, told Tim Ferriss that Steve Jobs would ponder "the next direction for Apple" while on vacation.

The Fisher-Price Controller, Modded To Play Baby Game Elden Ring - Kotaku
YouTuber Rudeism crafted a growth spurt for baby’s first gamepad

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