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Apps with 5.8 million Google Play downloads stole users’ Facebook passwords - Ars Technica
Researchers uncovered 9 apps that used a sneaking method to pilfer credentials.

Another day, another WD security flaw - The Verge
Security researchers have found a new vulnerability in WD NAS devices, though not the ones that have just recently been subject to attack. There’s an update out to fix it, but it comes with some trade-offs.

Resetting Your IoT Device Before Reselling It Isn't Enough, Researchers Find - Gizmodo
Even if you've factory reset your device, sensitive personal information has likely been retained on it—meaning the next owner could extract it.

Nintendo Wants To Make Skyward Sword HD Less Annoying - Kotaku
The HD Zelda port on Switch lets you skip cutscenes and tutorial messages

iPadOS 15 beta preview: Widgets and Quick Notes make for a new experience - Engadget
Apple has made a handful of significant changes and a host of smaller ones, all of which add up to an experience that makes the iPad more customizable and flexible than before while still retaining (and improving upon) the basic iPad experience.

All The Major Games Only Coming Out On Next-Gen Consoles - Kotaku
Fable, Starfield, Pragmata, and more won't be coming to Xbox One or PS4

Google Chrome begins using Material You colors on Android 12 [Updated] - 9to5Google
Google Chrome is the latest app to begin respecting your personalized Material You color scheme on Android 12.

Mortal Kombat 11 DLC ends as NetherRealm shifts to new game - Polygon
NetherRealm studios, the developers behind the Mortal Kombat series, is moving on to its next project. Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate will not get any new DLC, including any possible expansions or new characters.

New Qualcomm CEO sees former Apple execs as key to beating M1 - The Verge
Qualcomm has a new CEO, Cristiano Amon, and he’s looking to bring the expertise of former Apple chip designers to bear on the laptop chip market. Qualcomm is a big player in phone chips, but not in the laptop market.

OnePlus now has one of the best Android update schedules - Ars Technica
Flagship OnePlus phones get three major OS updates, four years of security updates.

The Witcher’s monster-hunting AR mobile game is out July 21st - The Verge
The Witcher: Monster Slayer, a Pokémon Go-like augmented reality game for mobile set in The Witcher universe, will be released on July 21st, CD Projekt Red announced. It will be available for free on both platforms and you can pre-register for it on Google Pl…

Ford is about to ship thousands of F-150s to dealers as pickup demand remains high - Detroit Free Press
Ford planning to chip and ship F-150 backlog, Free Press confirms

Another 0-Day Looms for Many Western Digital Users – Krebs on Security - Krebs on Security
Countless Western Digital customers saw their MyBook Live network storage drives remotely wiped in the past month thanks to a bug in a product line the company stopped supporting in 2015, as well as a previously unknown zero-day flaw. But…

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