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2004's Star Wars Battlefront Gets Its Official Online Multiplayer Back - Kotaku
As EA begin to wind down support for the latest Battlefront game, a surprise update has brought back online multiplayer for the original Star Wars: Battlefront, released back in 2004.

Amazon Prime Users Can Get These PC Games For Free This Month - Lifehacker
If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, one perk you might not realize is that you can score free games each month from Twitch Prime.

iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11: Comparing cameras from both phones - CNET
We test how the $399 iPhone SE and its single rear camera compares against the $699 iPhone 11 and its dual rear cameras. It's not as straightforward as it seems.

Amazon discounts its Echo Show speakers to as low as $50 - Engadget
Amazon's Echo Show 5 and 8 smart displays are on sale for as little as $50.

Imperial College London scientist warns lockdowns could become the norm - Daily Mail
Dr David Nabarro of Imperial College London, a special envoy to the WHO, said that restrictions to movement 'may apply to parts of a country' or 'a whole country' in the face of a future Covid outbreak.

NVIDIA DGX A100 – Next-Gen Ampere GA100 GPU Based Supercomputing System Spotted - Wccftech
NVIDIA's GTC 2020 'Get Amped' keynote is closing in and details of a new DGX system powered by the next-generation Ampere GPU has been spotted. It looks like NVIDIA has registered a trademark for its new DGX system over at Justia which was spotted by Komachi …

Say goodbye to toilet paper: Save $40 on a Brondell Swash bidet - CNET
Woot has two styles, but both offer heated water, a nightlight, self-cleaning nozzle and gently closing lid.

Listen up: Apple AirPods are on sale at Amazon, and they’re selling out fast - Yahoo Entertainment
All three Apple AirPods models are marked down—even the new noise-canceling Apple AirPods Pro.

Google's original Home smart speaker is on sale for $30 - Engadget
Google's Home smart speaker is on sale for $30, or lower than you'd usually pay for the less capable Nest Mini.

What The Truck? Meet A Dodge Dakota-Charger Inbred Pickup - CarScoops
This 2000s Dodge Dakota mixes it up with Charger front and rear ends.

Sunday deal roundup: $59 Edifier ANC headphones, free year of Food Network and more - CNET
Boil water without a stove for $22 or save big on a JBL soundbar.

The Last of Us Part 2 leaks appear to have originated from hackers, not a disgruntled employee - VG247
The recent leak of The Last of Us Part 2 spoilers appears to have been the work of hackers.While initial rumours suggested the massive leak was initiated by a…

Pixel 4A and 4A XL: Rumors, release dates, specs, prices and more - CNET
The most compelling rumors surrounding Google's next budget phones.

Call of Duty: Revealed Files Hint a Remastered Version of Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer - Essentially Sports
TheGamingRevolution is renowned for providing credible information about Call of Duty. He revealed a lot of hints for a multiplayer mode for MW2 remastered.

Samsung Confirms Cool Galaxy Watch Feature That Outdoes Apple, But There’s A Catch - Forbes
Although the Apple Watch has the lion’s share of health features, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch has a ground-breaking new addition – for some users.

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