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Apple will skip 5G in 2019, report says - Ars Technica
The new networks' slow rollout and a feud with Qualcomm likely play a role.

Google’s call screening transcripts are live and they’re pretty rad - TechCrunch
If you’re the proud owner of a Pixel handset you, like 9to5Google, may have spotted this already. The call screening transcripts feature, first noted back in November, are starting to arrive for Pixel users, Google confirmed with TechCrunch. Making good on th…

How the creator of the fake Fortnite Season 7 trailer fooled the community - FortniteINTEL
A fake Fortnite trailer was billed as a leak for Season 7 and fooled a lot of people. We now know the trailer was created by YouTuber KiosFR, but after it’s initial release on Reddit many articles were published that billed it as likely real with varying degr…

Kerfuffle Averted! Bethesda WILL Supply Canvas Bags After All -
You may remember the Great Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition Canvas Bag Kerfuffle from last week about the last minute replacement of the canvas tote with a cheap nylon one. If you are a Power Armor Edition owner, happy days are here again. According to the Beth…

New Galaxy S10 renders show display hole and triple camera array - Android Police
With 2018 coming to a close, it's time to start obsessing over 2019 phone rumors. Top of the list is Samsung's upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S10. We've heard a lot of tidbits about this one, and now we've got some renders to go with them. They show a phone

Report: Microsoft is working on a dual-screen device code-named "Centaurus" - Liliputing
Foldable devices are all the rage these days. A bunch of major phone makers plan to launch foldable phones with flexible displays in the next year or so. And in the laptop/tablet space, Lenovo already has a line of dual-screen devices, while Intel and Asus sh…

Indie Developers Don't Like Steam's New Revenue Sharing Policy - Kotaku
Steam is constantly evolving behind the scenes, but the latest reorganization of the storefront’s molecules has left some developers scratching their heads. Now, if a game makes $10 million, developers have to share less money with Valve. And if it hits $50 m…

Red Dead Online: Rockstar Will Re-Balance In-Game Gold Bar Economy - IGN
One of Rockstar's first fixes for Red Dead Online will be the in-game economy relating to players' frustrations with gold bars.

Do we need another stripped-down version of Windows? Microsoft apparently thinks so - PCWorld
Lite appears to be Microsoft's latest attempt to slim down Windows, with the likely goal of taking on Chromebooks.

The Super Smash Bros. Series Will Never Die, Thanks To Fans - IGN
The future of Smash is uncertain, but the future of its community certainly isn’t.

Apple Debuts Online Store With 10 Percent Discount for Veterans and Active Military - Mac Rumors
Apple today launched a new online store in the U.S. that's designed to provide a 10 percent discount on select products for both activity...

Apple Music will finally support Android tablets - Engadget
Apple Music for Android is no longer intended just for phones.

New Scam Apps Take Advantage of iPhone Touch ID - WIRED
Touch ID is seamless, which makes it great for unlocking your phone—and for App Store scammers.

PlayStation Network is down: Sony attempting to fix the outage - VentureBeat
All of PlayStation Network is down. This is affecting every Sony console and service. You will encounter errors loading games and more.

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