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Pears to banish cellulite: You can eat your way to a radiant complexion - Daily Mail
Leading dermatologist Karen Fischer, 47, has revealed her top secrets to skin beauty, as well as skin problems. After over 20 years of clinical practice, she has learnt to treat her skin holistically.

A Song In Balan Wonderworld Sounds A LOT Like A Song From Ghostbusters - Kotaku
I’m not saying the composer on Balan Wonderworld ripped off a classic tune from the Ghostbusters film soundtrack, but the similarities are striking...

Alleged iPhone 13 Pro Mockup Shows Smaller Notch, Repositioned Earpiece and Front Camera - MacRumors
Images shared by Japanese site Mac Otakara claim to show a 3D-printed mockup of the upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro with a smaller notch, and...

Solo Players With Nivida GPUs Can Pause Always-Online Outriders - Kotaku
Outriders is an always-online game that you can play entirely solo. Normally, you can’t pause it even when alone. But a clever PC player figured out a way to pause the game using their Nvidia GPU.

Intel Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs Finally Receive Their First Official Graphics Driver For Iris Xe GPU - Wccftech
Intel has released the first official graphics driver for its Rocket Lake CPUs featuring the Iris Xe integrated GPUs. At launch, the Rocket Lake lineup was the first desktop family to feature the brand new Iris Xe (Xe-LP) graphics architecture but it took Int…

Star Trek Legends Is A Fun Time, Not An Annoying Grind - Kotaku
Star Trek Legends, recently released on Apple Arcade, plays a lot like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Disney’s Sorcerer’s Arena, DC Legends and countless other turn-based mobile RPGs. But without any energy meters or annoying microtransactions. As a result, it f…

2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S vs. Audi R8 V10 Acceleration Test Yields Obvious Winner - autoevolution
On paper, the 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S has the upper hand over the

New Gmail with Google Chat tabs rolling out for free accounts, here’s how to turn on - 9to5Google
Last year, Google announced that the future of Gmail will see Chat join the existing Meet tab. Here's how to turn on new Gmail with Chat...

Xbox Hires Virtual YouTubers Shishiro Botan & Himemori Luna to Advertise Game Pass in Japan - Twinfinite
Xbox has been trying quite hard to win the heart of the Japanese audience over the last few years, and now they went the waifu route.

Weighing the potential pros and cons of Pixel 6 ditching Qualcomm for ‘Whitechapel’ - 9to5Google
The Google Pixel 6 is switching from Qualcomm to an in-house design known as "Whitechapel." What's the benefit? Let's talk.

Switch from a banana to a Pixel phone - Android Police
Hey Google, you doin' okay? A couple of weeks ago you posted a very weird video, describing the basic Pixel phone migration process with a weird

15 years in the making, the Metroid Prime 2D fan project has a playable demo - Video Games Chronicle
Fan project is aiming to recreate Retro's GameCube classic in a traditional side-scrolling style…

Apex Legends Season 9 to Feature 'a Ton' of Titanfall Content - IGN
Apex Legends Season 9 is set to feature a ton of Titanfall content, and fans should expect "some really cool stuff there."

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