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How iTunes Secretly Saved Apple - Tech Insider
At its 2019 Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced that iTunes as we know it will no longer exist. Instead, it will be replaced by apps like Apple M...

Why Apple's Siri isn't as smart as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant - CNBC
Computer scientists have been working on some of their underlying technologies for more than half a century — so why can't Apple make Siri work better? Here's where virtual assistants came from, where they go wrong, and what the future may hold for them.

Apple WWDC 2019: iOS 13 dark mode, iPadOS, the Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR and all that Apple announced - CNET
An event packed with new stuff saw the overhauled Mac Pro and epically bright Apple Pro Display XDR debut, along with iOS 13 dark mode, new iPadOS and an an Apple Watch App Store actually on the watch.

State of E3 2019: Bethesda - IGN
We take a look at what to expect from Bethesda at this year's E3 press conferences. We'll be taking a more in-depth look at every conference holder throughou...

Dashboard Feature Eliminated in macOS Catalina - Mac Rumors
Dashboard, a longtime Mac feature that Apple has been phasing out for the last few years, has been eliminated in macOS Catalina and it is no longer...

Apple sold out kids' privacy yesterday under the guise of "screen time" apps - Android Police
I am far from an Apple "hater" - I applaud a great many of the company's decisions around its products and the more fully-baked state in which it tends to execute them (except keyboards, apparently). But yesterday during the onslaught of WWDC announcements, A…

State of E3 2019: Microsoft - IGN
We take a look at what to expect from Microsoft at this year's E3 press conferences. We'll be taking a more in-depth look at every conference holder througho...

[Update: New supported devices] Adobe Premiere Rush launches on Android for fast and easy video editing on the go - Android Police
"Run and gun" has become a mantra for many YouTubers and filmmakers these days. It doesn't matter if you're a travel vlogger or directing a short film, you're probably eager to begin cutting together footage on the ride back from the field, not waiting until …

Xbox deodorant and body wash coming this summer - Polygon
A partnership between Xbox and Lynx will bring Xbox themed fragrances to Australia and New Zealand. These products include shower gel and deodorant, and have a ‘crisp’ scent of lemon, green sage, and clearwood.

Firefox Deploys a Slew of New Privacy Features, Taking Aim at Facebook and Invasive Online Trackers - Gizmodo
There are plenty of browsers to choose from, but two of the most popular, when it comes to privacy at least, are headed down radically divergent paths.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Road to E3 2019 - IGN
We're hoping Final Fantasy 7 Remake gets a release date at Square Enix's E3 2019 show. Cyberpunk 2077 - Road to E3 2019:

Samsung Galaxy S10+, 3 months later: Still the best all-around Android [Video] - 9to5Google
The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is still arugably the all-around best Android phone on the market for a number of reasons. This is our long-term review.

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