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Apple now has a free repair program if your iPhone 6S won’t turn on - The Verge
Apple has admitted there’s a component that can go bad in some iPhone 6S and 6S Plus handsets that can keep them from powering on — and it’s now offering to replace that mystery component free of charge with a new repair program.

Sennheiser is definitely mocking Beats in its new ad campaign - The Next Web
“Would you really take sound advice from a basketball player?” That line sums up Sennheiser‘s ad campaign for its new Momentum 3 Wireless headphones. The venerable audio company doesn’t usually do much in the way of commercials, but this one highlighted a par…

A Newcomer’s Guide To Destiny 2 - Kotaku
This week, Destiny 2—Bungie’s long-running sci-fi shoot-and-loot extravaganza—got a thorough overhaul. With its Shadowkeep expansion, longtime players were introduced to some pretty extensive changes. For everyone else, Destiny 2: New Light took the base game…

Bose discontinues Sleepbuds due to faulty battery, will offer full refund to all customers - The Verge
Bose is fully discontinuing its Sleepbuds, the $250 earbuds that were designed to be worn during sleep to help drown out disturbances and other unwanted noise. Returns of the product will be accepted until December 31st, and customers are being promised a ful…

Pokemon Go Adds New Shiny Pokemon For Safari Zone Event - GameSpot
Shiny Oddish is now appearing in the wild around the world to coincide with Pokemon Go's latest Safari Zone event.

Pixel 4 may finally pick up official AT&T carrier support - Android Police
Over the years, U.S. carriers have steadily taken greater interest in the Pixel series. The first Made by Google phone launched as a Verizon exclusive in

Instagram’s Threads is compelling, but kind of creepy - Engadget
Take a closer look at Instagram's Threads messaging app.

Every item in Ghost Recon Breakpoint can be purchased with real money - Polygon
Ghost Recon Breakpoint has two currencies: Skell Credits and Ghost Points. Ghost Points buys Skell Credits, and real money buys Ghost Points. Everything in the game’s in-world store can be had for real money.

Hands-On With a Next-Generation iPad Pro Dummy - MacRumors
Multiple rumors have suggested Apple is working on an updated iPad Pro that could launch at some point this fall, and some of those rumors have said...

Already Working on 2nd Gen: AMD's Ryzen Microsoft Surface Edition and what Semi-Custom Means - AnandTech
One of the key takeaways from Microsoft’s launch this week was that the company was spreading its wings with devices made by all three...

Samsung’s exact launch date for the Galaxy S11 might’ve just leaked - BGR
We published our review of the Galaxy Note 10 just over a month ago, but thanks to a surprisingly early leak, we may already know when the Galaxy S11 will make its debut. According to “prelim…

Google Weighs Acquisition of Rival to Video App TikTok - The Wall Street Journal
Firework is startup behind app that lets users share 30-second clips; Weibo also has expressed interest

Amid AR/VR experiments, Apple buys UK visual effects studio - TechCrunch
Apple has reportedly acquired U.K. special effects studio IKinema, a startup that may be useful in Apple’s quest to bolster its mobile devices with AR special effects and in its more far-flung attempts to enter the AR/VR headset market. The company issued its…

Ellen Pao calls out Twitter’s ‘public town square’ model as flawed - TechCrunch
Project Include CEO Ellen Pao, who has been working to foster diversity, inclusion and ethics in the tech industry, called out Twitter’s “public square” model as flawed — and a decision that indicates a lack of ethical consideration, on Twitter’s part. The to…

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