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Nintendo Wii Source Code, Documents, And More Allegedly Leaked - GameSpot
Over 2 terabytes of internal data related to the Wii and other consoles has reportedly leaked online.

Verizon’s version of the OnePlus 8 won’t work with cases for other models of the phone - Circuit Breaker
Verizon’s OnePlus 8 5G UW variant won’t work with cases for the unlocked or T-Mobile versions of the phone, due to volume buttons are that physically lower in order to make room for the mmWave modules needed to work with Verizon’s 5G network.

Leaked Pixel 4 XL prototype reveals never-before-seen gray model - 9to5Google
With the exception of the Pixel 2 XL, all Made by Google phones have been available in three colors. A gray Pixel 4 XL today...

Best Apple Deals (May 2020): iPad, HomePod, Apple Watch, and More - WIRED
Deals on Apple hardware aren't common, but Best Buy is throwing a big sale right now. You can save some money if you were planning on buying some Apple gear.

Apple’s most affordable iPad is even cheaper at Best Buy and Amazon - The Verge
Best Buy and Amazon have discounted the 32GB Wi-Fi version of Apple’s latest iPad. Normally $330, it’s $80 off, bringing the price down to $250. This is close to the best deal yet, and it’s well worth the money if you want a capable tablet with a big screen.

Doom Eternal's Soundtrack Controversy, Explained - IGN - IGN
Doom Eternal executive producer issued a statement on its relationship with composer Mick Gordon on the soundtrack controversy.

Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare Face Backlash Over Recurring Issue - Essentially Sports
From one problem to another, Call of Duty Warzone developers find themselves in hot water once again as a Battle Pass issue crops up again

Apple, Google ban use of location tracking in contact tracing apps - Reuters
Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google on Monday said they would ban the use of location tracking in apps that use a new contact tracing system the two are building to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The Half-Life effect on PC-VR is the biggest Steam has ever seen - Ars Technica
A big jump, but if you were expecting a jolt that would "save" the PC-VR space, well...

A modder built Mario 64 in DX12, and fans are being super protective - Polygon
After years of emulated PC ports, Super Mario 64 is finally available natively on your PC. Using DirectX 12, this new port looks beautiful, but it’s also difficult to find. Fans are hiding the download source in an effort to protect it from Nintendo’s legal t…

The PC is suddenly cool again ... for now - CNBC
People are spending much more time using Windows PCs, and the Mac installed base reached a new high in Apple's most recent quarter.

Google Meet shows up in Gmail inboxes, a few years too late - TechCrunch
Google Meet — the video call service formerly known as Hangouts Meet, which itself was an offshoot from Hangouts, not to be confused with Google Chat, Duo, Allo or any of the company’s other communications products — is finally making its debut on Gmail accou…

Microsoft shifts the focus on Windows 10X to single-screen devices - Engadget
Microsoft Windows 10X was supposed to power dual-screen devices, but the company will bring the OS to single-screen devices first.

Comparing Pixel Buds 2 to two TOP wireless earbuds under $180 - CNET
The true wireless Pixel Buds are getting rave reviews. But how do they stack up against the Android-friendly Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and Jabra Elite 75t? He...

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