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Don’t Let Your iPhone Even Get Near This Cursed Wifi Network - Gizmodo
Just getting near the public network “%secretclub%power” will permanently disable your iPhone's wifi functionality.

You can boot Karateka for Apple II upside down - The Verge
The developers of 1984’s Karateka for Apple II included a delightful easter egg. If you insert the floppy disk upside down, the game will load entirely flipped upside down.

Get the OnePlus 9 marked down to $649 - The Verge
The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro are both marked down at Amazon and other retailers. The less-expensive 9, normally $729, is an overall better buy for most people than the pricier Pro, despite missing out on some high-end features.

Asmongold Tries Final Fantasy 14, Gets Stream Sniped -
It looks like World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold pizza'd when he should have French fried as he dove into Final Fantasy 14 for the first time over the weekend and found himself met with a...horde of players waiting for him.

WWE And Investors Secure Approval For $39 Million Lawsuit - Wrestling Inc.
WWE and investors who say the company misled them about problems with business ties to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have secured final approval for a $39 million settlement. We noted back in late November 2020 that a SEC filing by WWE revealed that the company…

Tales of Arise Game's Trailers Preview Opening Animation, Gameplay - Anime News Network
New trailer previews BD with theme song animation for multiple Tales of games

Grab this 10th Core i3 2-in-1 Chromebook for only $349 - Chrome Unboxed
Lenovo just released its second iteration of the popular Flex 5 Chromebook and the upgrade to an 11th Gen Tiger Lake processor will be a serious shot in the arm for an already great device. That said, the original Flex 5 convertible is still worth your time i…

Rush Drummer Neil Peart's 'Silver Surfers' Classic Car Collection Is for Sale - The Drive
Peart's collection features icons like the Aston Martin DB5 and Lamborghini Miura, all Clad in matching silver paint.

Popular Audacity audio app dubbed ‘spyware’ by users over policy changes from new owner - 9to5Mac
Since its first release in 2000, Audacity has served as a useful audio editing tool for both Windows and Mac. Audacity grew in popularity fast thanks to being both free and open-source. Earlier this year, Muse Group acquired the development project and would …

Grand Theft Auto VI reportedly several years away still, set in modern Vice City - Rock Paper Shotgun
The GTA 6 rumor mill is spinning again, this time with corroboration from folks who are often in the know, confirming the Vice City setting claims.

OnePlus trademarked a tablet name, and you know what that means: OnePlus trademarked a tablet name - Android Police
The Android tablet market is something of a wasteland. Samsung puts a lot of effort into making really good tablets, Amazon puts a lot of money into

Monster Hunter Stories 2 for Nintendo Switch and PC Gets New Character Trailer Introducing Alwin - Twinfinite
Today Capcom released a new character trailer of the upcoming Monster Hunter JRPG Monster Hunter Stories 2, focusing on Alwin.

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