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Prepping for PlayStation's digital store shutdown is a total slog, so start sooner than later - Destructoid
Prepping for PlayStation's digital store shutdown is a total slog, so start sooner than later

How to enable the Google Chat tab in Gmail for Android - Android Police
Google would be very happy if you used its Chat application, so pleased that it's pushing it beyond the boundaries of its actual app. Last month the tool

Tim Cook drops hints about autonomous tech and the Apple car - TechCrunch
Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped a few hints in an interview released Monday about the direction of the much-anticipated Apple car, including that autonomous vehicle technology will likely be a key feature. “The autonomy itself is a core technology, in my view,” Co…

Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear Collection Launches Tomorrow - GameSpot
It's still unclear which characters will be in the collection, but we imagine the Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear lineup will sell out fast.

Facebook, Google and Microsoft stocks reach records as Big Tech bounces back - MarketWatch
Tech stalwarts HP and Oracle, as well as large semiconductor-equipment companies, also close at record highs in strong day for tech stocks

Online-only Outriders can be paused in single-player — if you have an Nvidia GPU - The Verge
The online-only shooting game Outriders launched without a way to pause, but people on Reddit have found a workaround using an Nvidia graphics card feature, Kotaku reports.

Castlevania: Resurrection for Dreamcast, canceled in 2000, resurfaces - Polygon
Preservationists have been shown a video of a prototype build of Castlevania: Resurrection, which was canceled 21 years ago, working on a Sega Dreamcast. Resurrection would have been the first Castlevania game made by Konami of America.

Metroid Prime is getting a 2D remake from fans, demo released - Polygon
Team SCU released a demo for a 2D version of the GameCube classic, Metroid Prime. The demo shows how the 3D first-person shooter would look like if created as a 2D side-scroller.

Have You Ever Raged And Thrown A Controller? - Kotaku
It’s Monday and time for Ask Kotaku, the weekly feature in which Kotaku-ites deliberate on a single burning question. Then, we ask your take.

Google acquires 3D audio startup Dysonics to develop new ‘audio hardware,’ possibly Pixel Buds - 9to5Google
Google silently acquired a 3D audio startup by the name of Dysonics last year, and it could lead to new audio hardware.

Over 100 Chromebook models to receive Android 11 upgrade for a better app experience - Chrome Unboxed
Chromebooks have been running apps using the Android 9 (ARC++ or Android Runtime Container) framework for years now, and after skipping Android 10, Google has now listed 117 specific Chromebooks which will receive an upgrade to Android 11. The newest update w…

Grounded Patch Notes Include Fixes For Top Community-Requested Issues - GameSpot
Obsidian's Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-meets-Rust survival game has been updated again.

2021 Microsoft Build conference dates confirmed, May 25-27 - Ars Technica
The dev-focused conference will be virtual and free to attend.

This Nintendo Switch is so big you can actually read the text in Skyrim - The Verge
YouTuber Michael Pick thought Nintendo’s Switch console was a little small — so he built a gigantic, nearly six-foot-wide version of the console instead.

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