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Rapper debuts futuristic face mask - Yahoo Finance
Music giant, known for his long track record as a tech innovator, is stepping into the world of pandemic styling.

Google seemingly reveals Pixel Buds A in marketing email - The Verge
In an email sent to some customers, Google included an image of dark green Pixel Buds that aren’t currently available. These could possibly be the upcoming, more affordable Pixel Buds A.

Gazelle brings back its phone trade-in program two months after discontinuing it - The Verge
Trade-in provider Gazelle has resumed accepting used smartphones and tablets after saying late last year it would discontinue its trade-in program on February 1st.

Threes! creator reveals new game Brick Breaker from Vodeo Games - Polygon
Beast Breaker is the debut title from Vodeo Games, a studio founded by Threes! and Guildlings designer Asher Vollmer. Beast Breaker is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in summer 2021.

Update: Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's Spring Update stream is now live - EventHubs
Update: The Spring Update stream for Street Fighter 5 is now live. Come watch the action with us below.After less than two months since Season 5 of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition hit the scene alongside Dan Hibiki, it ...

Sonos and IKEA are developing new Symfonisk speakers that hide in plain sight - Engadget
According to a new report, one of the new devices IKEA and Sonos are working on is a speaker that will double as an art piece.

Signal updates open-source server code after it failed to for nearly a year - Android Police
Signal has always been heralded as the security-aware alternative to WhatsApp and Co. due to its open-source nature, but the nonprofit behind the

Call of Duty: Warzone’s patch notes: FFAR 1 and AUG nerfs - Polygon
In Call of Duty: Warzone’s latest patch, Raven software brought a second nerf to the AUG, also known as Tactical Rifle Charlie, and nerfed the FFAR 1 as well

Lenovo’s new gaming phone looks like a Transformer sandwich - The Verge
Images have leaked of a new gaming phone from Lenovo. According to the leaker, the images are for the Legion Phone 2 Pro, which is rumored to include built-in cooling and will release in China on April 8th.

How To Skip Monster Hunter Rise’s Pesky ‘Quest Complete’ Cutscenes - Kotaku
Once you get comfortable with the basics of Monster Hunter Rise, the real game of grinding out rare materials for high-level equipment can finally begin. While one would normally need to wait through a cutscene every time they finish a mission, a simple trick…

Google begins integrating CloudReady into Chrome OS - Chrome Unboxed
After surprising many with the acquisition of Neverware, the developers of CloudReady, Google is now seeking to integrate it directly and officially into Chrome OS, according to a new Chromium Repository discovered by Kevin at About Chromebooks. Since CloudRe…

GameStop Customers Call Out "Ridiculous" PS5 Restock -
GameStop released both a PS5 restock and an Xbox Series X restock this morning, giving both PlayStation and Xbox fans an opportunity to buy each of the hard-to-get consoles. At the moment of publishing, the Xbox Series X restock is still available in a limite…

Apple's Revamped Apple Music for Artists Icon Leads to Speculation About iOS 15 Design Plans - MacRumors
Apple yesterday updated its Apple Music for Artists app with some minor bug fixes and improvements, but also one other notable change -- a new icon. ...

Breath of the Wild fans are trying to mount Sidon as fast as possible - Polygon
A speedrun expert debuts a new type of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild competition wherein players are tasked with riding every type of mount in the game as fast as possible — including fan favorite Sidon. Winners of the competition will get some mone…

Apple just did something with iOS that Google could never do with Android - Yahoo Entertainment
You could argue until you're blue in the face about whether Android is better than iOS or vice versa, but one area where iOS clearly comes out on top is the ...

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