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Microsoft pulls open facial recognition dataset after Financial Times investigation - The Verge
Microsoft removed a database of more than 10 million faces, intended as a test and training dataset for facial recognition algorithms, known publicly as MS Celeb

Xbox at E3 2019 preview: What to expect - Polygon
Microsoft Xbox boss Phil Spencer said at least 14 first-party video games would be shown at E3 2019 in Los Angeles, and the company’s June 9 keynote will likely have much more to show off, too. From Microsoft’s game streaming project xCloud to big games like …

At its Core, Apple Is No Longer Innovative - Forbes
Apple has built its success upon a steady consumer appetite for buying every iteration of the company’s latest and greatest products. However, with iPhone sales falling, the iconic company is starting to resemble others in the retail industry.

Storm Flip won't be included in the Fortnite World Cup Week 9 qualifiers - Fortnite Tracker
The Storm Flip is the newest item added to Fortnite. Many in the competitive Fortnite scene automatically noticed how broken it would be in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. Epic has responded and disabled it this weekend.

E3 2019: Nintendo Announces Its Playable Switch Games At The Show - GameSpot
Nintendo has plenty of Switch games coming to E3 2019, including Pokemon Sword and Shield and more.

Are E3 Press Conferences DEAD?! - Kotaku
The "E3 press conference" as a cultural moment has been fading ever since Nintendo broadcast their first Nintendo Direct in 2011. Sony's decision to abstain ...

They Don't Make E3 Press Conferences Like They Used To - Kotaku
The “E3 press conference” as an industry institution has been fading ever since Nintendo brilliantly broadcast their first E3 Nintendo Direct in 2012. What were they good for? Just how weird were they? Why did I keep going to them? I ponder these questions i…

A new Splinter Cell is reportedly not in development - Destructoid
A new Splinter Cell is reportedly not in development

Apple’s $999 Pro Stand is just the latest sign of its identity crisis - VentureBeat
Apple has sold expensive gear for a long time -- and in the last two decades, more affordable products as well. What type of retailer does it want to be?

Sony’s PlayStation Days of Play sale: all the great deals on PS4 games starting today - The Verge
Sony may be skipping this year’s E3 expo in Los Angeles, but it does have some good news to satiate fans in the form of its annual Days of Play sale. Starting today and lasting 11 days until Monday, June 17th, the sale has some spectacular deals across both S…

Google Stadia streaming requirements lack some key internet-connection details - CNET
Google tells us what the bandwidth requirements need to be, but doesn't specify important network conditions.

Gears 5 -- Road to E3 - IGN
Gears 5 is bound to have a massive presence at Microsoft's E3 conference. Here's what we hope to see.

Bose’s Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 have the upgrades we’ve been waiting for - The Verge
Bose is already very good at noise-canceling headphones, but the company’s new Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 look to tackle a new challenge: voice calls.

Google's Stadia can stream Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games to your phone or computer, but it might kill your data plan - Business Insider
You can play games in 4K with Stadia, but the best possible quality will use more than 15 GB of data per hour.

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