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Apple may have accidentally revealed Apple Watch sleep-tracking app - INSIDER
A preview of the Apple Watch Alarms app referenced a possible future sleep-tracking app. Apple quickly deleted the reference.

Now you can create your own Untitled Goose Game to-do list - Polygon
We’ve seen a gaggle of Untitled Goose Game memes since the game came out last month. Here’s a new one, that allows you to create your own goose-style to do list.

PSA: Sidecar in macOS Catalina is not compatible with some older Macs and iPads - 9to5Mac
Apple has released macOS Catalina today with several new features, including Sidecar. Using a Mac with the latest operating system and an iPad with iPadOS 13, it’s now possible to turn the iPad into a second, fully interactive display. To interact with the Ma…

James Gray Invited Astronauts to His House to Make Sure 'Ad Astra' Was Scientifically Accurate - Showbiz Cheat Sheet
Director James Gray went to great lengths to ensure that Ad Astra looked and sounded real. However, real does not always equal entertaining.

The Best Features Coming in Windows 10 Version 1909 - Lifehacker
It’s almost time for Microsoft’s semi-annual Windows 10 system update. Unlike the smaller, routine updates Windows 10 gets throughout the year, the April and October updates are when we get new features and see the largest changes to the ever-evolving OS.

Apple confirms macOS Catalina update is a big problem for DJs who relied on iTunes - The Verge
Apple’s latest desktop operating system update, macOS Catalina, will mark the official end of iTunes after nearly two decades. But that transition is proving to be complicated for a certain subset of Mac users who’ve relied on the software to help manage thei…

Destiny Dance Troupe Returns With Elaborate Halloween Routine - Kotaku
Husky Raid is a legendary group of Destiny merry-makers known for their elaborately choreographed and meticulously staged videos that turn the shooter into a pop concert. Working entirely in-game, one player usually serves as an audience surrogate, wandering …

The PS4 No Longer Connects To Facebook [Updated] - Kotaku
Starting today, the PlayStation 4 will no longer support Facebook integration. This means you can’t share your screenshots and trophies with your Facebook friends from your console, as well as a few other limitations that, though minor, are annoying.

EA servers DOWN: Origin, Apex Legends, Battlefield fans unable to connect - Express
ELECTRONIC Arts acknowledges server issues that have taken Apex Legends, Battlefield, Battlefront, Madden NFL and Origin offline.

Inexpensive, unpatched phones put billions of users’ privacy at risk - Ars Technica
Billions who only connect with cheap Android phones pay with their personal info.

iFixit tears down Samsung's 'improved' Galaxy Fold - Engadget
iFixit pulled its first Galaxy Fold teardown after Samsung scrapped the phone's April launch to improve its durability. Now that the foldable has finally rea...

The Kindle is getting a Kids Edition bundle for younger readers - Circuit Breaker
Amazon’s been offering Kids Edition versions of its Fire tablets for years, and now it’s bringing a bundle to its Kindle e-readers with a new Kindle Kids Edition. It offers a durable case, extended replacement program, and a year of Amazon’s FreeTime service.

Google Camera 7.1 adds Social Share, exits ‘dogfood,’ more - 9to5Google
Back in September, the Camera app found on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL leaked. We now have access to Google Camera 7.1, which...

World of Warcraft celebrates 15 years with a $100 Firelord statue - Ars Technica
15 years later, Ragnaros statue benefits from a few more "pixels" worth of geometry.

Final Cut Pro X gets a speed boost through Apple's Metal - Engadget
Final Cut Pro X update uses Metal to provide big leaps in performance.

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