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Apple is telling developers to disclose secret screen recordings or face ‘immediate action’ - The Verge
Following revelations yesterday regarding the use of session replay code to recode iPhone users’ screens, Apple is now telling developers to either remove the code responsible or disclose it to users, according to a new report from TechCrunch. The punishment …

Gametime lets you buy tickets for games and concerts that have already started - TechCrunch
Ticketing app Gametime is taking its last-minute approach about as far as it can go, with the launch of a new feature called LastCall. This allows users to purchase tickets through Gametime until 90 minutes after an event has started. Why would you want to do…

Anthem Endgame Content Revealed, Update Roadmap Detailed - GameSpot
After saying mum for several months, EA and BioWare have finally started to explain what you'll do after finishing the main campaign in Anthem.

Netflix Launches 'Smart Downloads' for Streamlined Access to Offline Content - Mac Rumors
Netflix today announced the launch of a new Smart Downloads feature that's designed to streamline the process of downloading content for offline...

Apple recently hired a prominent obstetrician, signaling interest in women's health - CNBC
Apple has hired Christine Curry, an obstetrician who is known for treating pregnant women with the Zika Virus, according to several people familiar.

AMD's Radeon VII Graphics Card Won't Dethrone NVIDIA - Motley Fool
The trend of AMD falling short of NVIDIA continues.

Update: Apex Legends Drew 10 Million Players in 3 Days - IGN
Apex Legends peaked at almost 500,000 viewers on Twitch and 1 million unique players within 8 hours of its launch.

Android TV UI update brings rounded icons and Google Sans font - Android Police
Android TV users across the world (hey, there are a few!) are turning on their TVs today and noticing things look a little different. Google has pushed an update with rounded icons and an entirely new font. There are a few system app updates, too. The new int…

2020 Toyota Tacoma is the same ol' truck with much better tech - CNET
Most of the update's focus on tech, but it does look a little different, too.

This Is What a Period Emoji Should Look Like - Slate
Better ideas: a uterus, a tampon, bloody underwear.

New leak reveals innovative Galaxy S10 feature you won't find on any iPhone - BGR
There have been so many Galaxy S10 leaks over the past few days that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them all. We’re still nearly two weeks away from Samsung’s Unpacked eve…

Kingdom Hearts III gets an adorable limited-edition Sony Walkman - The Verge
Sony has released a limited-edition Walkman and matching pair of headphones to celebrate the release of Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3.

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