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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Official Launch Gameplay Trailer - IGN
Get a look at the launch gameplay trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, available on October 25, 2019.

Virgin Orbit plans to send cubesats to Mars as early as 2022 - Engadget
Virgin Orbit plans to be the first private company to send cubesats to Mars.

Sony PlayStation 5 vs. Microsoft Project Scarlett: Next-gen console showdown - CNET
The next generation of game consoles are coming into focus. Will it be a fair fight?

macOS Catalina's Biggest Changes: What to Check Out After Upgrading - MacRumors
macOS Catalina, which came out on Monday, is the newest version of the operating system that runs on the Mac. Catalina brings some significant...

Google Maps dark mode teased on the Android Instagram page - Android Central
Google recently took to Instagram to promote Android 10's system-wide dark mode, and in the process, gave us an early look at a new dark mode for Google Maps.

PS5 Controller Will Feature Haptics And Adaptive Triggers - GameSpot
The new generation is coming by next holiday season, and Sony has started to detail what we can expect from the new PlayStation 5 hardware--and the controller.

Blizzard Employees Staged a Walkout After the Company Banned a Gamer for Pro-Hong Kong Views - The Daily Beast
“Blizzard makes a lot of money in China, but now the company is in this awkward position where we can’t abide by our values,” a Blizzard employee told The Daily Beast.

Apple is finally fixing its dreaded MacBook Pro keyboard design once and for all - BGR
Over the past few years, whenever a friend would ask me for advice about buying a new MacBook, I’d tell them that it was probably worth waiting a bit. It wasn’t that Apple’s MacBo…

Volvo’s first EV will run native Android - The Verge
The new all-electric XC40 SUV will operate Google’s embedded version of Android Auto, offering drivers and passengers access to Maps, Assistant, and the Play Store — all without requiring the use of a smartphone. And yes, it will still work with Apple CarPla…

Concrete Genie: Quick Look - Giant Bomb
These genies granted our wishes for magical art! Check out our website: Check us out on Facebook:

Is Your macOS Catalina Install Stuck? Here's How to Fix It - MacRumors
Apple on Monday released macOS Catalina to the public, allowing everyone to install the newest version of the operating system for the Mac. ...

Hulu pulls Android TV app from some DVR and cable boxes - Android Police
A few months ago, Hulu finally revamped its Android TV app after it letting it languish for years, with the main new addition being support for Hulu Live

Enchanted Portals developer faces backlash over Cuphead ‘ripoff’ - Polygon
Enchanted Portals is a new 2D platformer heading to Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign. But why did the game’s trailer go viral? Some fans are saying that the game looks too similar to the 2017 hit Cuphead.

Essential’s new smartphone has the aspect ratio of a TV remote - Ars Technica
Essential throws out all the usual conventions with "Project Gem."

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