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Sony Will Lose Another Big PS5 Exclusive In September 2022 - Kotaku
Deathloop will only be exclusive to the PS5 for one year and can head to Xbox in 2022

Legend of Zelda breaks world record for most expensive game cart ever - Polygon
A sealed cartridge of The Legend of Zelda sold for $870,000. The sale by Heritage Auctions broke the previous record, held by the sale of a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. that went for $660,000.

Why the HALO jump scene in Dead Space 2 works so well - Polygon
Through a combination of clearly communicated motivations, well-considered pacing, and staggering aesthetic design, Dead Space 2’s setpieces continue to stand tall with the best of the medium. Nowhere is this more clear than in the game’s standout setpiece: t…

Apple Exploring Streaming NFL’s Sunday Ticket Games On Apple TV+ - Deadline
Apple has been approached by the NFL about acquiring the rights for the league’s Sunday Ticket package, Deadline has learned. Rights to the slate of games are currently held by DirecTV but would move to Apple TV+. The agreement with the AT&T-owned satellite T…

The Last of Us Part II Breaks If You Go Too Fast - Kotaku
A YouTuber discovered they could kill Tommy by quickly sliding under a door as Abby

Master Chief's Creator Shows Off Unused Halo Guns, Including a Microwave Rifle - IGN - IGN
Halo and Master chief co-creator Marcus Lehto reveals some unused weapons from the original Halo Xbox game via Twitter.

Sega Changes PSO2 Name To Something Less Borderline Racist - Kotaku
Mining robot NPC ‘Diggah’ was due for a name change

Walmart's Knock-Off Chromecast Is Nearly As Good As the Real Thing - Gizmodo
It's one of the cheapest ways to get Google's TV experience in your home, although there are some drawbacks.

Nintendo is teaming up with Tag Heuer on a Mario-themed watch - The Verge
Nintendo is teaming up with luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer on a Super Mario-themed watch. You can sign up on Tag Heuer’s website to receive more information, and more will be revealed next week.

You can now make Microsoft Edge look slightly better on Windows 11 - XDA Developers
Microsoft has rolled out a new option that lets you make the Edge browser fit better into the Windows 11 design language.

China’s used GPU market is flooded with RTX 3060s to RTX 3080s under MSRP - PCGamesN
China's crackdown on Crypto has created an abundance of graphics cards

OnePlus is working on ‘Buds Pro,’ and you can apply to test them out early - 9to5Google
OnePlus has just opened up testing for an unannounced pair of earbuds that might be called the "OnePlus Buds Pro" when they launch.

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