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Blizzard makes it free to change gender in 'World of Warcraft' - Engadget
When World of Warcraft: Shadowlands comes out later this year, Blizzard plans to stop charging players a $15 fee to change the gender of one of their characters.

How to tame your Gmail inbox with labels - The Verge
There are a variety of ways to organize your Gmail email list, and one good one is to apply labels. Labels can make searches easier and can help you track your email tasks.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak we have been waiting for is here - PhoneArena
There is now a glimmer of hope that Samsung will reduce the price of the Galaxy Note 20 to revive demand.

Facial mocap comes to Unreal Engine via new iPhone app - Engadget
A new iOS app for Unreal Engine uses your iPhone to capture your facial expressions and animate an onscreen character in real time. Live Link Face is designed to work in both professional game production settings, like a soundstage with actors in full mocap …

Google's response to Android apps getting delayed or killed in the background leaves a lot to be desired - Android Police
Google's Android AMA is underway, and the team's engineers have already answered the most hotly-anticipated question: How will Google fix the problem of

Android 11 won't have scrolling screenshots after all - Android Police
One feature that is now extremely common on Android devices is scrolling screenshots, where the phone will scroll through content automatically to create

Valve secrets spill over—including Half-Life 3—in new Steam documentary app - Ars Technica
No VR headset is required to dive into this $10 multimedia explosion.

Apple Seeds First Betas of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 to Public Beta Testers - MacRumors
Apple today seeded the first public betas of upcoming iOS and iPadOS 14 updates to its public beta testing group, two weeks after first providing the...

Amazon Adds a New OTA Feature to Fire TV Cube - Cord Cutters News, LLC
Amazon has added a new tuner integration feature to its Fire TV Cube that allows viewers to tune into OTA TV. Viewers in select countries, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany and France, can access over-the-air channels and even use Alexa as a voice…

Epic Games Receives Strategic Investment from Sony Corporation - Business Wire
Sony Corporation and Epic Games announce that Sony has agreed to make a strategic investment of $250 million to acquire a minority interest in Epic.

Gboard 9.6 preps dark/light themes that follow system, Google Lens shortcut - 9to5Google
For those on the Android 11 Beta, the latest Gboard 9.6 beta on Tuesday started surfacing the new Emoji 13.0 characters. This release also reveals...

Sony reveals the PS5 game box design - The Verge
Sony revealed what the physical boxes for PlayStation 5 games will look like, and they seem to take a lot of design cues from the PS5 hardware family. Sony used the box of the upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales to reveal the new design.

Don't like the camera modules on the current iPhone models? It could have been worse - PhoneArena
Not happy with the look of the camera module on the Apple iPhone 11 series? A patent application filed by Apple shortly after the phones were unveiled reveals that it could have been much worse.

Someone Seems To Be Testing Some Kind Of Mystery Racing Ford Mach-E And It Looks Like A Lot Of Fun - Jalopnik
A secret operative near the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research test track took a little hike through the woods and discovered something pretty exciting: a very stripped-down Ford Mach-e doing donuts, drifting, tearing ass and generally hooning like…

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