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$200,000 streaming rigs and millions of views: inside the cottage industry popping up around SpaceX - CNN
For a few hours one recent Saturday, Jack Beyer stood on the roof of his Land Rover, watching as SpaceX employees toiled under a 160-foot-tall silver rocket prototype that towered like an otherworldly visitor over the otherwise barren landscape.

Some Pixel 5 users can’t stream Netflix in HD because of a DRM issue - The Verge
Some Pixel 5 phones are having issues streaming Netflix in HD or HDR because of a DRM issue with Google’s Widevine platform that is only allowing them to stream in SD.

Resident Evil Village Map Shows Off Four Distinct Locales For You To Visit - GameSpot
Outside of Castle Dimitrescu, you'll have other spooky areas to slowly slink through in Resident Evil Village.

HP’s Chromebook x360 14c is getting 11th Gen Intel processors - The Verge
HP has announced that its Chromebook x360 14c is being updated to include Intel’s 11th Gen processors. Models will start at $649.99 and can include up to a Core i5 and 256GB of SSD storage.

Hitman’s best feature, the Elusive Target, has arrived in Hitman 3 - The Verge
Hitman 3’s first Elusive Target is now live. Players have 10 days to murder The Collector in the game’s Dartmoor map. It’s part of a steady stream of new content that IO Interactive is releasing for the game over the course of this year.

Haunted island sim Cozy Grove works best on mobile - Polygon
It’s the sort of game that should be played in short bursts, and mobile feels perfect for that. It’s available on Apple Arcade for mobile players, but works well on Nintendo Switch, too.

Apple Never Made iMessage for Android to Lock-In iOS Users, Epic Court Docs Show - Gizmodo
Apple could make a cross-platform version of iMessage for Android phones, but it won’t because it would be bad for business, Epic's legal brief against Apple shows.

Elon Musk's Neuralink claims monkeys can play Pong using just their minds - CNN
Neuralink, the implant company owned by SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has released a video in which a monkey appears to play the computer game Pong using only its mind.

Sony is reportedly remaking The Last of Us for PS5 as it chases big hits - The Verge
Sony is apparently working on a remake of The Last of Us for the PlayStation 5 as it works to reorganize its studios as it chases bigger, exclusive blockbuster hits.

Japanese Charts: Monster Hunter Rise Stays Top In A Nintendo-Dominated Top Ten - Nintendo Life
Almost 1.6 million physical copies sold in two weeks

Grab a full year of PlayStation Plus for only $27 - The Verge
Eneba is offering an exclusive deal for Verge readers right now that allows you to receive a one-year subscription for PlayStation Plus for about $26.50 when you enter the code APRILVERGE at checkout.

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