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Unity is buying Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital to help prepare for the metaverse - Engadget
nity Technologies, the company behind the Unity engine, is buying Weta Digital..

One Of GTA: San Andreas’ Most Famous Clips Released in HD - IGN - IGN
Rockstar Games has recreated the iconic "Here we go again" meme from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas using the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition.

Halo Infinite’s New Bad Guy Is A Creepy Little Dude, Devs Say - Kotaku
If he says, “We live in a society, Master Chief,” I’m gonna lose my shit.

One of the first Apple computers sells for $400,000 - NPR
The computer is one out of the 200 Apple-1 computers that were designed and built by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

What’s new in iOS 15.2 beta 2: Legacy Contacts, Find My updates, more - 9to5Mac
Apple continues to make changes to iOS 15.2 with this week’s release of the second beta. The update includes new child safety features in the Messages application, tweaks to the TV application, and more. Head below for our full roundup of the new features in …

Dead by Daylight’s next chapter A Murder of Crows stars a terrifying artist - Polygon
Dead by Daylight’s next chapter will be original, and stars a Killer named The Artist and a Survivor named Jonah Vasquez. The new map is the Forsaken Boneyard in the Chilean desert, and it is where the Artist was once left for dead. The chapter will release i…

Apple Drops Device Trade-In Prices in the U.S. - MacRumors
Apple today updated its iPhone trade-in site, dropping the maximum trade-in prices of almost all of its trade-in options. Trading in the iPhone 12...

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, November 2021 Edition – Krebs on Security - Krebs on Security
Microsoft Corp. today released updates to quash at least 55 security bugs in its Windows operating systems and other software. Two of the patches address vulnerabilities that are already being used in active attacks online, and four of the flaws…

Caitlyn and Jayce arrive in League of Legends: Wild Rift’s new event - Polygon
A new trailer, Target Practice, shows off Caitlyn and Jayce before they arrive to Wild Rift. Both of these League of Legends champions both frequently show up in the Netflix original series Arcane.

Google is taking sign-ups for Relate, a voice assistant that recognizes impaired speech - The Verge
Google launched a new app called Relate as part of its effort to make more inclusive tools for people with speech impairments.

Earbuds cleaning guide and tips - The Verge
Earbuds of all shapes and sizes can build up excessive amounts of wax, debris, and gunk. It’s not just unsightly, but it can be unsanitary or reduce audio quality. Here’s how to clean your earbuds with various methods.

Google Is Making the Nest Hub's Sleep-Tracking More Advanced, but the Features Won't Be Free Forever - Gizmodo
Your sleep-tracking smart display is getting Fitbit-like features, but they'll eventually cost you a monthly fee.

Samsung announces its next-gen RAM for phones and ‘the metaverse’ - The Verge
Samsung has announced the successor to its low-powered DDR5 RAM meant for mobile devices. While it’s trying to hype it up with some questionable marketing, the chips could bring some real improvements.

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