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Jim Cantrell has left Vector, and the company may be in financial trouble - Ars Technica
Vector had been targeting a suborbital flight for the Vector-R vehicle this year.

ActionDash’s new Focus mode schedules let you easily block work apps on the weekend - The Verge
ActionDash brings some of Google’s newest Digital Wellbeing features to older Android phones, and the version 4.0 update adds something even Google doesn’t yet have.

PUBG Mobile Lite officially launched in select regions - PhoneArena
Tencent and PUBG have just announced they have decided to bring the highly-acclaimed PUBG Mobile game to less capable smartphones around the world.

Microsoft: 3 Reasons To Get The Stock - Seeking Alpha
Microsoft Teams will keep Microsoft at the top, at least for a while. The Cloud business will give them an edge in Gaming. Even a pessimistic valuation puts the

How Ikea's New Wireless Speaker Compares to the Sonos One - Gizmodo UK
The Ikea Symfonisk more than holds its own against its rival, at half the price.

Sonos FCC filings reveal a mystery device and likely Connect refresh - The Verge
As Sonos prepares for new hardware this fall, recent FCC filings hint that an updated Sonos Connect — and some other device — is on the way.

Apple is now selling the AirPower, basically, only it’s not made by Apple - Ars Technica
It doesn't have all the same features, but the basic concept is the same.

Fortnite's Unpopular Mechs Will Stay In Competitive Play - Kotaku
Fortnite’s giant mechs, called Brutes, have been an unpopular addition to the game’s season 10. In a blog post today, developer Epic announced that the mechs will be staying in the game’s competitive mode, but with a tweak. Many players still don’t feel that …

Bungie fixing European Aerial Zone leaver issue next week - Polygon
The 100 minibosses step for Solstice of Heroes 2019 is easily its most obnoxious. To speed up the process, players have been leaving early, ruining the mode for other random players in their group. But Bungie is solving the issue halfway through the holiday.

You already have my money, please stay out of my notifications - Android Central
We get enough notifications every day, Samsung and Google should be allowed to feed me more of their nonsense.

Kiss Singer Reacts To New Pokemon Lookalike - GameSpot
Rockstar Gene Simmons shares his thoughts on the new Pokemon Obstagoon, which has drawn numerous comparisons to the Kiss singer.

Daily Deals: 70" Sony XBR 4K TV for $898, 65" LG OLED 4K TV for as Low as $1197 - IGN
Get a 50" Samsung 4K Smart TV for Only $328, Get a $150 Credit When You Preorder a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Score the Least Expensive Roomba Around, and More.

Android Apps With Over 100M Installs Contain a Clicker Trojan - BleepingComputer
Researchers found a clicker Trojan bundled with over 33 apps, distributed through the Google Play Store, and downloaded by Android users over 100 million times.

8-4 Play: 8/9/2019: THE HOUSES ARE ON FIRE - Giant Bomb
This week we heat things up with some Fire Emblem, and then cool off with some ice cream.

'Norsemen' producer gamed Netflix's algorithm with Facebook ads - Engadget
Anders Tangen was pretty sure Minnesota residents would dig the Viking comedy.

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