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New Infantry Rifle weapon coming soon to Fortnite - FortniteINTEL
A new weapon has been announced by the in-game message of the day announcement. An Infantry Rifle will be coming soon to Fortnite! As per usual, the in-game message of the day has been updated at the same time as the daily Item Shop reset. A surprise announce…

Paladins Dev Talks Benefits Of Cross-Play, Calls On Sony To "Stop Playing Favorites" - GameSpot
One developer explains why cross-play between Xbox and Switch has been so positive and why Sony should allow PS4-cross-play.

Deal Alert: Big Nintendo Switch Games Are on Sale - IGN
Fire Emblem Warriors, Splatoon 2, and plenty more great Nintendo Switch games are on sale.

'GTA Online' Will Continue To Be Updated, Says Take-Two -
'GTA Online' Will Continue To Be Updated, Says Take-Two

PS5 and Next Xbox Could Bring "Major Changes In Console History," Says Developer -
PS5 and Next Xbox Could Bring “Major Changes In Console History,” Says Developer

Google's Next Pixel Devices Might Have Real Dual SIM Support -
Google is working to introduce real dual SIM support for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL according to new source code for Android Q.

Everything Apex Legends Doesn't Tell You: Tips To Become A Champion - GameSpot
Here are some tips about guns, characters, and more to help you become a champ in Apex Legends for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Google Maps Starts Testing AR-Powered Navigation -
Google Maps is testing a new AR-powered navigation system, and it's actually very promising.

Moto Z3 Play's Pie release notes published, hinting at forthcoming update - Android Police
Back in August, Motorola published a list of eight phones that it planned to update to Android 9 Pie. Fast forward six months, and the Moto Z3 Play has finally had its Pie release notes published. We haven't seen any reports of the update actually being pulle…

Activision-Blizzard Employees Doomed By Fortnite’s Dominance - CCN
Rumors that Actvision Blizzard is laying off hundreds of people have ramped up, and Fortnite's dominance is the culprit being blamed.

Surface Pro 7: Everything we want to see in Microsoft’s next 2-in-1 - Digital Trends
It's time for Microsoft to change up the Surface! Yes, the Surface Pro pioneered the 2-in-1 form factor, but the design has stayed the same over the last seven years. Here's what we're looking to see from the Surface Pro 7, in what we hope can be Microsoft's …

Security Alert: Malicious Android App Created to Steal Cryptocurrency - CryptoGlobe

Cybersecurity firm, ESET has issued a warning against a malicious app, available on the Google Play Store, that is reportedly stealing users’ cryptocurrency. As explained in an official blog post ...

Apex Legends: Respawn could be adding Solos and Duos modes in a future update - VG247
Dataminers have reportedly discovered lines in the game's code that indicates Solos and Duos are on the way.

Switch SP? Gameboy Classic? What do you want from Nintendo's next dedicated handheld? - Destructoid
Switch SP? Gameboy Classic? What do you want from Nintendo's next dedicated handheld?

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