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Resident Evil Village Pirate Says Cracked Release Fixes Bugs From DRM - Kotaku
The cracked release of Resident Evil Village runs better according to those who have played it

Check Out FFXIV Endwalker's New Glamour And Gear For All Jobs - GameSpot
The latest Final Fantasy XIV developer livestream showed off new details coming to the Endwalker expansion including new gear for all classes/jobs.

The 11 books former President Barack Obama recommends you read this summer - CNN
Former President Barack Obama released his summer reading list on Friday, continuing a tradition from his time in the White House.

Deathloop Will Be a PS5 Console Exclusive Until At Least September 2022 - IGN
While we already knew that Deathloop was a timed PS5 console exclusive, the ending of the latest trailer has revealed that the exclusivity period will end on September 14, 2022.

'This is the main reason why we didn't go with Heihachi' — Masahiro Sakurai explains Kazuya's selection for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - EventHubs
The reveal that Tekken's Kazuya Mishima would be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ended up being quite the surprise for fans. At the time, there were many reasons to believe that a rep from the Tekken series was ...

Samsung Galaxy leak: Phones, watches, earbuds appear set for August 2021 Unpacked event - CNET
Well-known leaker Evan Blass gives an all-around look at purported new gadgets from Samsung.

Beyond ‘Netflix Party’: startups and their VCs bet we’ll browse more of the web together - TechCrunch
Last year, during the pandemic, a free browser extension called Netflix Party gained traction because it enabled people trapped in their homes to connect with far-flung friends and family by watching the same Netflix TV shows and movies simultaneously. It als…

YouTubers are making a living on videos about Microsoft software - CNBC
Increasingly people are turning to YouTube creators to figure out the latest features of Microsoft's Office apps. They have more subscribers than the company.

3,800 PS4s found and seized from a cryptocurrency farm in Ukraine - TechSpot
Although the market for GPUs is starting to improve, and dedicated ASICs might be on the way to relieve demand, it seems that one group of enterprising...

Apple AirPod batteries are almost impossible to replace, showing the need for right-to-repair reform - CNBC
The limited lifespan of Apple AirPods is exactly the kind problem that the "right-to-repair" movement wants to fix.

Tesla appears in popular battle royale video game, Semi, Model Y make gaming debuts - Teslarati
Tesla is popping up in video games more frequently now, as a new collaboration with PUBG Mobile shows several elements of the electric automaker have been added into the game’s main mode. The Model Y, Tesla’s all-electric crossover, and the Tesla Semi also ma…

Stardew Valley mod makes fishing easier in the game - Polygon
This Stardew Valley mod, available on Nexus Mods, makes it so that you can see fish below the water while playing. It’s a small touch that will make it easier for people to catch the fish they want.

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