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Riot urges 'League of Legends' pros to keep quiet on 'sensitive' issues - Engadget
It doesn't want a repeat of Blizzard's Hong Kong incident.

Your next big Mac update is here. Download and install MacOS Catalina now - CNET
Everything you need to know about Apple’s new MacOS 10.15 before you install it on your Mac.

Apple Arcade: New games this week - Polygon
Apple added five more games, including Hidden Layer Games’ Inmost, to its new $4.99 a month subscription games service. The company will continue to roll out new games on the service.

iPadOS review: The iPad is dead, long live the iPad - Ars Technica
Step by step, Apple is taking the iPad in a wholly new direction.

Microsoft Word Users Are Incensed Over Apple’s New Catalina OS - Slate
The update might be a bit more of a hassle than you're used to.

Life with the Samsung Galaxy Fold - TechCrunch
Avoid pressing hard on the screen. Tap lightly to keep it safe. Your Galaxy Fold isn’t water or dust resistant. Don’t allow any liquids or foreign objects to enter it. Don’t attach anything to the main screen, such as a screen protector. So begins your journe…

Killer Queen Black - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch - Nintendo
Killer Queen Black Now Available Click the Link to Learn More! #NintendoSwitch #KillerQueenBlack Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! https...

Blizzard Entertainment Faces Public Backlash Following Esports Player Ban - NPR
In the days after the company banned a Hong Kong player from competing, people across the world have denounced Blizzard and shown their support for pro-democracy protests.

Blizzard forces name change for gay guild -
Publisher renames "Gay Boys" as "Guild ZFXPK" in response to player reports, changes it back but says it can't stop it happening again

[Update: More in high-res] First official Google Pixel 4, 4 XL renders leak with bold wallpaper - 9to5Google
Pixel 4 leaks over the past month have ramped up due to actual devices finding their way into the wild. An official Pixel 4 render leak...

Sony Reveals PS5 Release Date Window, Controller Details, Official Name, And More - GameSpot
Sony has finally confirmed its next-gen PlayStation console, the PS5, along with details on its controller, when it's coming out, and more.

You can now speak to Alexa in Spanish - The Verge
Amazon is rolling out Multilingual mode to Alexa, which lets users in the US speak Spanish to their Alexa devices. Alexa will be able to respond to requests in either English or Spanish, based on the language in which it was asked.

The Apple Watch Series 4 Is Now Discounted By $159 - Forbes
The Apple Watch Series 4 is an incredible device, and it's currently available for up to $159 off.

Samsung will gladly help you check if your OLED TV has burn-in - Engadget
It really just wants you to buy one of its QLED TVs.

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