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Codenames surface for Google ‘Pixel 4’ and ‘Pixel 4 XL’ - 9to5Google
In the last few weeks, Google developers have become less tight-lipped about the upcoming Pixel 4 phone, mentioning it twice in the Android Open Source Project. Today, another layer of the mystery …

Ubisoft patches art containing homophobic slur out of The Division 2 - Gamasutra
Ubisoft has issued an apology for the slur, which appeared in a large piece of graffiti along the side of an in-game building.

Microsoft Exec on Google Stadia: 'They Don't Have the Content' - IGN
An exec at Microsoft recently commented on Google Stadia and other emerging cloud gaming competitors, saying “they don’t have the content” to compete with major players in the industry.

The device that lets you control your garage door from your iPhone or Android has never been cheaper - BGR
You can already control just about everything in your house with your smartphone, so why not control everything attached to your house with a smartphone, too. Smart locks take care of the doors in …

Uber labels Apple autonomous driving competitor, warns investors of App Store reliance - 9to5Mac
Uber today officially filed for its IPO, revealing in regulatory documents that it generated $11.27 billion in revenue during 2018 with an overall loss of $1.85 billion. In the filling, Uber also o…

The legal dispute between Take-Two, Rockstar, and Pinkerton has ended - Gamasutra
A dismissal filed by Take-Two and Rockstar marks the end of a legal dispute that sprung up in response to Red Dead Redemption 2 's in-game use of the Pinkerton name.

Chevrolet Finally admit the C8 Mid-engine Corvette exists? - Corvette Online
We've heard so much, read so much and even seen so many videos, it seems the only one who hasn't admitted to the C8's existence is GM.

Google and Huawei will pay Nexus 6P owners for battery woes - Engadget
Google and Huawei will pay up to $400 to Nexus 6P owners who suffered from a bootloop glitch.

3 features we're expecting to see on Apple's new iPhones that Samsung's Galaxy S10 already has - INSIDER
Some features rumored to appear on Apple's 2019 iPhones may sound familiar to anyone who has used the Galaxy S10.

Acer's new ConceptD line is for creatives who want powerful yet quiet PCs - Ars Technica
Acer also debuted new Chromebooks and updated its most popular gaming laptops.

Apple Watch Series 3 42mm is back at Walmart for $229 - CNET
That's tied with the all-time best price. Or get the GPS plus cellular version, albeit refurbished, for just a few dollars more.

PlayStation Is Really Bad At Suggesting New PSN Names - Kotaku
Yesterday, Sony announced PlayStation Network name changes were officially ready for primetime. While a lot of people might have crappy user names they want to get rid of, they might not be sure what to replace them with. Fortunately, PlayStation provides sug…

How to use your Android phone as a security key for your Google account - 9to5Google
It’s not easy to keep our online lives secure, but Google is working to take some of the hassles out of it. Recently, the company announced that it would let users turn any Android Nougat sma…

How to disable Android's annoying "direct share" pop-up on the share menu (Samsung, LG, and Google) - Android Police
Android's share menu is, to put it kindly, a mess. And four years ago, Google made it even worse, with the introduction of the dreaded "direct share" menu in Android Marshmallow. While nice in concept, the feature has turned out to be a huge annoyance in prac…

Atlas overhauls and adds a fair bit in today's "mega-update" - Rock Paper Shotgun
The pirate sandbox has overhauled, fixed, and added a fair bit with today's early access update. Two words: GIANT CRAB.

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