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Google Is Adding Excellent Right-Click Features to Gmail - Gizmodo
“Google is making changes to Gmail” is not a phrase we’re used to hearing without a shudder going up our spine. But this time around, we’re feeling pretty good about it.

Humans playing VR game Beat Saber move faster than what Steam thought was ‘humanly possible’ - The Verge
Some people move so fast when they play the VR game Beat Saber, a rhythm game that’s basically Dance Dance Revolution with lightsabers, that Valve developers have had to issue a fix. People were moving so fast that Steam VR couldn’t track their movements.

Target offers buy-two-get-one-free deal on games, books, and movies - Polygon
Target’s buy-two-get-one-free sale applies to select board games, DVDs, books, and video games, including Anthem pre-orders.

Report: Unity is looking to go public in 2020 - Gamasutra
Unity Technologies is planning to go public with an IPO during the first half of 2020, so long as market conditions are favorable.

MacRumors Readers Hoping for USB-C Instead of Lightning in 2019 iPhones - Mac Rumors
This morning, we asked our readers on Twitter if they'd prefer to see USB-C ports or Lightning ports in the 2019 iPhone lineup, and the results...

Hands-on with an Alpha build of Google Maps' Augmented Reality mode - TechCrunch
I think most of us have had this experience, especially when you’re in a big city: you step off of public transit, take a peek at Google Maps to figure out which way you’re supposed to go… and then somehow proceed to walk two blocks in the wrong direction. Ma…

US iPhone users spent $79 last year, up 36% from 2017 - TechCrunch
Apple’s push to get developers to build subscription-based apps is now having a notable impact on App Store revenues. According to a new report from Sensor Tower due out later this week, revenue generated per U.S. iPhone grew 36 percent, from $58 in 2017 to $…

ThunderMag claims to bring MagSafe back to the Mac with full Thunderbolt 3 speeds - 9to5Mac
Alongside the move to USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 on the MacBook, Apple ditched its iconic MagSafe charging connection. Products like the Griffin BreakSafe attempt to bring magnetic charging back to th…

A gamer who made and sold cheat software for 'Grand Theft Auto V' now owes the game's creators $150,000 for copyright infringement - INSIDER
The Elusive cheat software gave "Grand Theft Auto" players unlimited in-game cash — but now, the creator will have to pay up.

LinkedIn debuts LinkedIn Live, a new live video broadcast service - TechCrunch
LinkedIn — the social network for the working world with close to 600 million users globally — says that video is the fastest-growing format on its platform alongside original written work, shared news and other content. Now it’s taking its next step in the m…

Alex Kipman just hinted that Microsoft will announce a new version of HoloLens on February 24. Here's everything we know about it - INSIDER
A new HoloLens has been in the works for a while and we may finally learn all about it at Microsoft's MWC press conference.

T-Mobile will offer two phones and two unlimited lines for $100 a month to break you up with Verizon - Phone Arena
Instead of celebrating Valentine's Day, T-Mobile is proclaiming February 13 as National Break Up With Your Carrier Day, offering sweet new deals to make you switch from Verizon....

Apple 'black site' facility tough on contract workers: Report - Fox Business
The facility mostly houses contractors working on Apple Maps, according to a report.

Ford Can, But Won't Put New 7.3-Liter V-8 in the Mustang or F-150: Report - The Drive
Better not get your hopes up for a Boss 445 or a similar monster 'Stang.

Apple's deal with the VA is a big step toward giving patients control over their own health information - CNBC
Apple's work with the VA is important, and not just for veterans. The barriers that have prevented people from accessing their health data are now coming down.

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