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Google explains how its Search deindexing bug happened - Engadget
The company says it has a new communications strategy in place to talk about future issues with its search engine.

Chrome OS 76 rolling out: Media controls, Camera redesign, improved Android app sign-in, more - 9to5Google
After rolling out to Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux, version 76 of Chrome OS is now available. Notable features include Flash being...

Watch Bill Nye become the Chromebook Guy in this Google ad - Android Police
Bill Nye (former Science Guy, current... science... guy) is back in the media with guest appearances on TV shows and his very own call-in and talk podcast

Cortana is being removed from the GLAS thermostat - The Verge
Microsoft’s Cortana-powered thermostat will no longer have Cortana. Johnson Controls, the maker of the GLAS thermostat, is pulling the plug on Cortana integration soon.

You can text Ninja, but it’s just a silly marketing scheme - Polygon
Tyler “Ninja” Blevin of Fortnite fame tweeted out his phone number. But it isn’t actually his number, it’s a number for a advertising community firm called Community. Here’s what the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Community say.

After two years of delays, Minecraft's visual upgrade has been canceled - Ars Technica
Gorgeous overhaul was originally planned for "fall 2017," then went silent.

This hacker’s iPhone charging cable can hijack your computer - TechCrunch
Most people don’t think twice about picking up a phone charging cable and plugging it in. But one hacker’s project wants to change that and raise awareness of the dangers of potentially malicious charging cables. A hacker who goes by the online handle MG took…

Sony debuts massive 9-inch CarPlay + Android Auto Receiver w/ modest price tag - 9to5Toys
CarPlay has become popular in new vehicles, but many of us aren't shopping for a new car. A problem the new 9-inch Sony CarPlay receiver aims to help solve.

You may be owed up to $500 if you owned a Pixel or Pixel XL - The Verge
Earlier this year, Google agreed to settle a class action lawsuit claiming the company knowingly sold first-generation Pixel phones with defective microphones. Now, the final approval has gone through, meaning if you bought an original Pixel or Pixel XL befor…

Android users can log into some Google services using their fingerprint - Engadget
Google’s quest to rid the world of passwords takes a major step forward.

Best Xbox One X and Xbox One S Deals and Bundles 2019 - IGN - IGN
If you're looking to grab a new Xbox One, it's the best value going in gaming right now.

Is AMD's RDNA graphics technology ready to power next-gen consoles? - Engadget
Welcome to the latest episode of Upscaled, our explainer show where we look at the components that make our tech faster. In this episode, we're taking a clo...

Microsoft's strategy of cozying up to other platforms is working, so the company is extending it - CNBC
Last week, Microsoft cozied up to Samsung, one of the biggest names in the Android ecosystem. Meanwhile, Microsoft's Minecraft is a big hit on Sony's PlayStation 4, and it's setting up for a big augmented reality win on Apple's iOS.

Super Mario Odyssey mod removes Mario’s mustache - Polygon
Mario is famous for a lot of things, namely his stylin’ mustache. But internet criminals have seen to remove the plumber’s rockin’ lip cover in a new mod for Super Mario Odyssey.

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