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SteamWorld Quest Exclusive Gameplay - Nintendo Minute - Nintendo
Hi, very exciting day today! Our friends from Image & Form gave us SteamWorld Quest early. We’re both huge fans of this franchise so it’s awesome to get a ch...

How's Your Experience Been With Samsung's Trade-In Program? - Droid Life
Samsung's trade-in program is one of the best in the business because it offers you value today for the smartphone you'll trade-in later. In other words, you get the value for your current phone applied at the time of purchase of a new phone...

Motorola came up with the best Android gestures: here’s how to use them - The Verge
Motorola’s one-button navigation, available on its recent Android smartphones, is better than Google’s own approach to swipe gestures on the Pixel 3. Here’s how it works and what each swipe does.

Kitana and D'Vorah look awesome in latest Mortal Kombat 11 trailer - Destructoid
Kitana and D'Vorah look awesome in latest Mortal Kombat 11 trailer

Windows is Slower After April 2019 Updates According to Users - BleepingComputer
Users are reporting that after installing this week's Microsoft's April 2019 Patch Tuesday updates, Windows has suddenly become slow and programs are taking forever to open.

Oculus put privacy-mocking jokes inside Touch controllers - Engadget
The "easter eggs" were included "accidentally," but aren't a great look for Facebook.

Infinity Ward, Respawn co-founder Jason West joins Epic Games - Polygon
West left Respawn Entertainment in 2013, but he’s back in games, working with Fortnite developer Epic Games on unspecified projects.

World War Z drops a trailer and lunges towards launch next week - Rock Paper Shotgun
Barely based on the book, World War Z launches next Tuesday, offering Left 4 Dead-ish co-op fun, and a bunch of competitive 'PvPvZ' modes to fight in.

I Played Through Final Fantasy VII Sixteen Times In The Last Two Years - Kotaku
In July of 2017, I realized I’d never played Final Fantasy VII since learning Japanese. I decided to do so, and make a little video about the experience. In the very first text box of the game, I encountered a nuanced difference between the Japanese and the E…

Acer Helios 700 Hands-On: More than just a gimmick - Engadget
At first glance, the Acer Predator Helios 700 looks like a chunky gaming notebook. But when you lay your hands on the palm rest and pull it towards you, the ...

Microsoft Store is Hosting a Spring Sale -
The Microsoft Store’s annual Spring Sale kicks off today, offering deals on Xbox and PC games, consoles, gaming PCs, and more.

BMW Spotted Testing 840i At The Nürburgring -
What are your thoughts on a less expensive, less powerful 8 Series.

This Lamborghini Huracan Has an Exo-Skeleton and Every Other Possible Mod and I Love It - Jalopnik
The Unicorn V3 is a Lamborghini Huracan with an aftermarket twin-turbo kit, comically oversized protruding air intakes, and uh, most of its bodywork removed and replaced with a jungle gym. Also, the taillights are upside-down.

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