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Are you buying Google Pixel Buds now that they’re in your country? [Poll] - 9to5Google
Google has finally launched its Pixel Buds truly wireless earbuds in more countries around the globe, but did they wait too long?

Disappointed by Formula E’s plan for its next car? Here’s an alternative - Ars Technica
Cheaper, faster, and more powerful—a Formula E champ talks to Ars about his idea.

Microsoft caught sneaking Bing search onto phones with the Outlook app - Android Police
Microsoft might be the market leader when it comes to desktop operating systems, but its aspirations for search have remained depressingly dismal.

Microsoft spins off 'virtual teenager' chatbot for Chinese users - CNBC
Microsoft chose to offload a consumer property that became popular in China, but not without taking an equity stake in the new company.

Dow Jones Jumps 500 Points as Apple Stock Soars, Disney to Close Hong Kong Park - Motley Fool
Apple is carving out a new all-time high, and Disney is being forced to shut down its Hong Kong resort.

A Kinect mod for 'Super Mario 64' provides a fun pandemic workout - Engadget
Well, if you’re YouTuber SuperLouis64, you’d make a Kinect mod and, together with a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, use your own body as a controller for Super Mario 64.

*UPDATED* Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Pre-orders OPEN, Update, Release Date, Platforms, Alpha 5, Locations, Trailer, Closed Beta & more - RealSport - RealSport
Microsoft Flight Simulator will be one of the most realistic games of the year, here's all the release date, console and trailer info!

Watch This Tesla Model 3 Rear Bumper Fly Off After Driving Through Puddle - InsideEVs
Logan Derouanna was told the issue was an “act of God.”

Superstrata opens pre-orders on a pair of 3D-printed bicycles - TechCrunch
There’s one thing I can’t stop thinking about every time I look at the Superstrata: Just how quickly the thing would get stolen. That’s no knock against the bike itself — in fact, it’s probably a point in its favor. If anything, it’s probably just another in …

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