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Rare Gundam Graphics Cards Wasted On Crypto Mining - Kotaku
Asus’ fan-favorite Gundam-themed RTX 3080 GPUs get slotted into crypto mining rigs

Mercedes-Benz’s new Roadster has a flippy touchscreen - The Verge
The 2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG SL Roadster has a neat trick in the center console. The floating 11.9-inch portrait touchscreen can articulate up or down, helping cut down glare when the Roadster’s roof is down.

Indie Film and TV Studio A24 Explored Sale With $3 Billion Asking Price (EXCLUSIVE) - Variety
A24 recently explored a possible sale, with the indie film studio floating an asking price of between $2.5 billion to $3 billion. Sources familiar with the situation tell Variety that the Oscar-winning shop behind “Moonlight” and “Uncut Gems” has engaged with…

Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack Unlocks Long Rumored Reverse Charging Feature - MacRumors
Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack designed for the iPhone 12 models has a unique feature that's long been rumored but never introduced in an Apple...

'Company of Heroes 3' will take the classic RTS series to the Mediterranean in 2022 - Engadget
Eight years after its second entry, a new Company of Heroes game is in development at Relic Entertainment..

How to Go Back to Windows 10 If You Regret Installing Windows 11 - Lifehacker
If you're unhappy with the Windows 11 beta, there are ways to return to a stable Windows 10 build.

YouTube TV 5.1 audio is coming to Chromecast with Google TV later than other devices - 9to5Google
At the end of last month, Google announced a 4K Plus add-on for its cord-cutting service. YouTube TV 5.1 Chromecast support is coming...

Ring's Security Cameras Now Offer End-to-End Encryption, but You'll Have to Opt In - Gizmodo
Battery-powered video doorbells and cameras don't support the new feature.

Study: Gaming population leans more male and less racially diverse - Axios
45% of gamers identify as female, 55% as male, per the ESA, which appears to have only offered binary choices.

This may be why Apple's Weather app doesn't show 69-degree temperatures - AppleInsider
Reports indicate that Apple's Weather app may avoid the number 69 in its user interface, but while some have suggested that it's censorship, it's more likely a conversion issue.

Discord buys Sentropy, which makes AI software that fights online harassment - TechCrunch
The online chat platform Discord is buying Sentropy, a company that makes AI-powered software to detect and remove online harassment and hate. Discord currently uses a “multilevel” approach to moderation, relying on an in-house human moderation team as well a…

WoW Disappointment, Plus Twitch, Start Mass Exodus Into Final Fantasy XIV - Kotaku
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ newest patch underwhelmed a lot of players

Instagram launches Security Checkup for people whose accounts have been hacked - The Verge
Instagram is introducing a Security Checkup feature for accounts that have been hacked. The feature walks people through steps to secure their accounts and comes as people have noticed a wave of login attempts and password reset emails.

Google launches its Workspace tier for individuals in five countries - The Verge
Google Workspace Individual is now available in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and the US. It typically costs $9.99 per month, but Google is offering it for $7.99 per month through January.

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