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Fortnite has been down for hours as millions of players stare at a black hole - The Verge
Epic’s battle royale game has seen its most dramatic change yet: the island has been destroyed, and fans have been staring at a black hole, unable to play, for hours.

The New Onn Roku Smart Soundbar From Walmart is Now Available in Stores & Online - Cord Cutters News, LLC
Last week Roku announced that they have partnered with Walmart to create a Roku Smart Soundbar under Walmart’s Onn brand. At the time, Rokus said the new Onn soundbar would be available in the coming weeks, but this weekend Walmart has put the new smart sound…

How to Make Windows 10 Pause Updates for a Period of Time - BleepingComputer
Pausing Windows 10 update makes sense, especially when you really don't want the update. Fortunately, Microsoft lets you pause or delay Windows Updates, and here's how.

Best Buy Canada reportedly posts Pixel 4 product page, briefly - CNET
Screen grabs seem to confirm the updates we're expecting for Google's flagship phone, such as an iPhone 11-like square configuration.

Hearthstone Player blitzchung Responds to Blizzard Reducing His Ban - IGN - IGN
Hearthstone pro blitzchung has expressed gratitude to Blizzard for reducing his ban, following a week of controversy over his pro-Hong Kong liberation comments.

Google bans predatory payday loan apps from the Play Store - Engadget
It's trying to prevent exploitative behavior, but companies aren't happy.

How The PS5 Can Fix Sony’s 4K Blu-ray Woes - Forbes
The three steps Sony needs to take to make the PS5 as cutting edge for AV as it's likely to be for gaming.

Apex Legends Set to Add Much-Requested Looting Change -
Apex Legends Set to Add Much-Requested Looting Change

Another New ‘Borderlands 3’ SHiFT Code Is Live, Get Your Golden Key Before It Expires - Forbes
Borderlands 3 and Randy Pitchford continue to give out SHiFT key codes like candy, and even though they are far less useful than they initially appeared to be, given the quality of loot lodged in that red chest on Sanctuary, it’s free stuff, so you might as w…

Kik says it’s ‘here to stay,’ following shutdown reports - TechCrunch
It’s been a rough run for Kik of late. The once mighty messaging service announced in late September that it would be shutting down its app. CEO Ted Livingston noted in a blog post that the startup would be trimming its headcount from over 100 people to “an e…

Payday 3 coming by 2023, Starbreeze says - Polygon
Starbreeze Studios outlines its next four years, including the expected release of Payday 3 and continued work on Payday: Crime War.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition owners can upgrade to 'Bedrock' for free until November 30 - Windows Central
There are two versions of Minecraft available on Xbox One. One is the old one, the "non-Bedrock" edition, while the other one supports cross-play between PC and even Nintendo Switch, and is the latest and greatest release. Beforehand, those who owned the non-…

Sunday's best deals: Bluetooth headphones, a Google Wifi bundle, smart scales, and more! - Android Central
Finish your weekend off strong with some big money saving purchases!

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