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Overwatch League's Role Lock Changes Still Can't Please Fans - Kotaku
Overwatch League fans asked for change, and they got it. The season’s fourth stage kicked off three weeks ago with the introduction of a 2-2-2 role lock that requires teams to be made up of two tanks, two DPS heroes, and two supports. This change would finall…

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Review - IGN
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw reviewed by Dan Stapleton on PC. Available "soon" on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Subscribe to IGN for more!

Destiny 2 Is Making Microtransactions Easier To Buy - GameSpot
Bungie announces a series of changes for Destiny 2's Eververse store on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Fire Emblem fans confess who they let die in Three Houses - Polygon
Fire Emblem makes it easier than ever to keep your favorite characters alive, so it says something when players let someone in the game go. Twitter users chimed in with the reasons, silly and serious alike, that they said goodbye to people in Three Houses.

Four wormable bugs in newer versions of Windows need your attention now - Ars Technica
Exploits against Windows 7 to 10 could spread from PC to PC—no user interaction needed.

Google Enlists Bill Nye to Push Chromebooks -
Few probably remember this, but Nye was the host of Microsoft’s virtual launch event for Windows Millennium Edition (Me) almost 20 years ago.

New Acura Type S Concept Is Proof That Beautiful Japanese Sports Cars Still Exist - The Drive
This marks the return of the Type S moniker, which was last used on the sporty 2008 TL variant.

Google Street View Blurred Out This Cat, For Privacy - SFist
A cat of unknown color or gender was given their privacy by Google Street View's facial-recognition software, and perhaps that's as it should be.

Apex Legends update brings a new area, new skins, and solo mode - Polygon
Apex Legends’ new Iron Crown event brings a big patch to the game, as well as the Gauntlet area and new medieval skins.

Apple and Spotify discuss adding a feature that iOS users have long wanted - PhoneArena
Apple and Spotify are reportedly working together to allow users of Apple devices to access songs, playlists and albums from the music streamer through voice controls spoken to Siri.

Samsung Unveils ISOCELL Bright HMX 108 MP Sensor for Smartphones - AnandTech
Samsung this week has introduced the industry’s first 108 megapixel image sensor for smartphones. The Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX promises to allow smartphones to...

Dr Disrespect roasts Ninja in Fortnite reunion with comical story - Dexerto
Dr Disrespect roasted Ninja while partying up in Fortnite.

Nate Mitchell Exits Facebook, Taking Oculus Era With Him - WIRED
The executive, in announcing his departure, was the last of the Oculus founders still at the company.

808-HP 2019 Ford Mustang GT 'Gulf Heritage' Is the Most Expensive New 'Stang You Can Buy - The Drive
Nashville-based Brown Lee Ford will build "only" 119 of these mega-Mustangs to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ford's 1969 24 Hours of Le Mans win.

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