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Libra keyboard creator says it’s talking to Brydge; Brydge says it’s not - The Verge
The maker of the Libra keyboard has told multiple Kickstarter backers that it’s “actively communicating” with Brydge regarding a lawsuit filed over the device last week. But Brydge says that isn’t true: it hasn’t actually heard from Libra’s creator, and the K…

Fortnite made hundreds of thousands of people watch nothing on Twitch - The Verge
Its tenth battle royale season ended on Sunday; usually that means Epic Games cinematically sets the stage for the new items and weapons players will find scattered around the map, but this time it’s meant that the game has disappeared after a black hole was …

New leak shows Google’s Nest Mini comes with a wall mount - Engadget
The Nest Mini looks like a modest refresh of the Home Mini.

Internet Archive releases 2,500 MS-DOS games so you can relive the '90s - CNET
Play retro computer games like Mr. Blobby, Alone in the Dark and Alien Rampage.

Call of Duty Dev Insists There Will Be No Loot Boxes in Modern Warfare - IGN Now - IGN
A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developer recently confirmed Infinity Wars is NOT working on a loot box system for the game, but that doesn't mean Activision ...

Regigigas joins Pokémon Go in a Colossal Discovery - Polygon
The Regis are returning to raids, alongside Regigigas, who will be the star of the first ever paid Special Research Task line. Regigigas will join EX raids in November, for those who don’t want to spend the money.

Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming preview is now live - The Verge
Microsoft is starting to let beta testers access its xCloud game streaming service. Only four games will be accessible initially, and beta testers in the US, UK, and Korea will be the first to get an early look at the service.

Google Buries the Hatchet With Yubico, Brings Physical Security Keys With USB-C - Gizmodo
After launching its Titan Key last year, Google has returned with a new version of its two-factor security dongle featuring USB-C.

Hulu rolls out 4K content to Xbox One, with Amazon Fire TV and others coming ‘soon’ - TechCrunch
Hulu this summer finally brought back 4K content to its service, after abruptly removing it in 2018 while it focused on other priorities. Initially, its 4K content was only available on Apple TV 4K and Chromecast Ultra. Today, Hulu says it’s available on Xbox…

Apple’s next iPhone will cost less than your iPhone 6 - SlashGear
So you’ve read the rumors of the next iPhone SE 2, the affordable iPhone made to appease owners of the iPhone 6. So you’re to understand that there’s a calling for a new iPhone fo…

Here's How the PS5's Hardware Compares to the PS4's - IGN - IGN
Still on the fence about the PS5? Here’s a blow-by-blow comparison between the PS4 and Sony's upcoming console.

Netflix will stop working on December 1st if you use one of these Roku devices - BGR
All technology eventually becomes obsolete, but sometimes it sneaks up on us. For example, would you really have guessed that some Roku streaming devices are so old that Netflix will no longer supp…

Leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 trailer provides a first glimpse at the new island - The Verge
Fortnite has been down since Sunday’s season-ending event, which has left millions of players staring at a mysterious black hole while they wait for details about the new season. But an apparent trailer for the next Battle Pass (titled “Chapter 2 - Season 1”)…

Why the iPhone 11 is better than the OnePlus 7T - 9to5Mac
The OnePlus 7T is a newcomer to the sub $1,000 flagship category. For the price of $599, it's a great deal for those looking for a premium-feeling and reliab...

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