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Amazon just got Fakespot booted off Apple’s iOS App Store - The Verge
Fakespot, known for its web browser extensions that try to weed out fake product reviews, no longer has an iPhone or iPad app — and Amazon tells The Verge that’s because it reported the app to Apple.

Disable the Windows print spooler to prevent hacks, Microsoft tells customers - Ars Technica
The third serious Windows print flaw in 5 weeks prompts new Microsoft warning.

Minions are in Minecraft now, thank goodness - Polygon
Minions are coming to Minecraft. You can play the Minions x Minecraft DLC from Illumination and Mojang now — it was released July 16.

Apple drops to third in global smartphone market share, research firm says - Fox Business
Tech giant Apple dropped to third place in share of the global smartphone market as economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic drove an uptick in demand for the devices, according to preliminary data from research firm Canalys.

US Customs seized $62.6 million worth of fake AirPods and headphones since October - Engadget
The popularity of Apple's AirPods seems to have caused a boom in counterfeit audio gear..

How to change your iPhone’s text size for a specific app - The Verge
In iOS 15, you can adjust the text size separately for each of your apps. So you can, for example, keep the text small for your email, but make it a bit larger in Twitter — or vice versa.

Steam Deck gaming rival to Nintendo Switch sold out? Maybe not. What to know about reservations - CNET
Valve's portable PC gaming device is really popular.

Google adds toggle to divorce the Assistant from its corner gesture in Android 12 Beta 3 - Android Police
In hindsight, it was a curious omission, but when Google debuted the diagonal swipe gesture to trigger the Assistant in Android Q/10, the only way to

Man driving through flood keeps saying "scheiß" - Boing Boing
The Germans have a word for “I shouldn’t have driven through a flood.” Click to expand

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