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Apple axed Tumblr from App Store because of failed child pornography filters
Tumblr's sudden disappearance from the iOS App Store on Friday -- still unresolved -- was because material slipped through the blogging network's child pornography filters, according to the company.

A Pixel 3 camera bug kills the phone's greatest asset if you launch it through third-party apps
New reports say that the Google Pixel 3, a phone sold primarily on the strength of its camera, suffers from a bug that causes the camera to crash if you try to launch it through anything other than the built-in camera app. This includes cameras within social …

Jeremy's 2018 Apple holiday shopping guide
Here are the best Apple products to buy this holiday season -- and some to skip.

Dynamite And Wild West: Here's Everything In Fortnite's New v6.30 Patch
Here's what you'll find in Fortnite's new v6.30 content update patch, from dynamite to cowboy shootouts.

Black Friday 2018 Nintendo Switch Deals Begin: Games, Consoles, And Accessories On Sale
Here are load of Black Friday deals on Nintendo Switch, as well as its games and accessories.

Black Friday 2018 PS4 Deals: $40 PS Plus, $40 Black Ops 4, $200 Spider-Man Bundle
Here you'll find a few offers that'll save you a bunch of cash on PS4 consoles, accessories, and games.

'Fallout 76' Review (Xbox One X): Look Upon My Works And Despair
Fallout 76 is here and rather hard to review. But after endless hours in the wild, how does it stand up to the rest of the series?

Make your home smart for $110 this Black Friday
Here's how to save big on everything you need to make your (or someone else's) house smart.

Apple's five reasons 2018 iPad Pro can replace your computer: But do you agree?
Ahead of the holidays, Apple makes its case for the iPad Pro to be your next computer, even though it's not one.

2019 Toyota RAV4 first drive review
The 2019 Toyota RAV4 gets a clean-sheet redesign, ditching the previous generation’s car-like styling for truck-like toughness. Toyota’s compact crossover also gets more tech and new powertrains. The RAV4 once again takes on rivals like the Honda CR-V, Nissan…

Samsung's Top-Secret Galaxy S Phone Is a 5G Monster With Six Cameras
Samsung Electronics is planning a major technological advance for its 10th anniversary flagship phones next year, including next-generation 5G network speeds, bigger screens and more cameras, according to people familiar with the matter.

Farewell to the Steam Link, the best wireless HDMI gadget ever made
Valve says the Steam Link wireless in-home PC game streaming gadget is already selling out around the world, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Here’s why we loved it. And still love it.

'Let's Go Pikachu' and 'Let's Go Eevee' feel like true 'Pokémon Go' RPGs
Pokémon Let’s Go takes players back to Kanto for a jubilant journey through Pokémon history. Though battling with wild Pokémon has been removed, Let’s Go’s lack of random battles feels like an overall improvement. Kanto is more charming than you even remember…

Samsung 860 EVO SSDs Now $72 for 500GB, $127 for 1TB
Samsung's 860 EVO SATA SSDs can be had for a bargain with some pre-Black Friday sales.

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