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Intel’s version of a MacBook Pro looks even better than a real one - The Verge
Intel’s new ad campaign comparing Intel-equipped PCs to MacBook Pros inexplicably features Apple laptops that look better than they do in real life.

Chromebooks are getting Android 11 in beta w/ dark mode support, better app scaling - 9to5Google
Android 11 is officially rolling out to Chromebook models in the beta channel with two key improvements; dark mode and uniform scaling.

Google strikes comedic gold with new video for switching to a Pixel - Android Authority
A new official video from Google on how to switch to Pixel is darkly hilarious.

As Apple app-tracking change nears, Chinese tech firms fight back - Ars Technica
The change is expected to come with iOS 14.5 within just a few weeks.

Barnes & Noble’s new Nook 10” HD Tablet is built by Lenovo, starts at $129.99 - The Verge
Barnes & Noble is teaming up with Lenovo for its new Nook tablet, which features a similar 10.1-inch display and $129.99 price as its predecessor, but it has better battery life and a nicer-looking design.

Handy iPhone and iPad Shortcuts You Should Check Out - MacRumors
With the launch of iOS 13, Apple introduced Shortcuts support and the Shortcuts app, adding a whole range of new functionality to the iPhone....

Xbox Game Pass gets better PC ports of Nier: Automata, The Evil Within - Polygon
Both Nier: Automata and The Evil Within were added to Xbox Game Pass for PC’s library the week of March 15, 2021, and users have noticed that these ports are different — and improved — from the versions that have been available on Steam.

Astell & Kern’s new USB-C DAC promises hi-fi audio for phones without headphone jacks - The Verge
Astell & Kern has a new DAC designed for USB-C devices — think of it as a 3.5mm headphone jack that’s been juiced up to offer even better quality, with a $150 price tag to match.

Google is going to try to make app installs feel faster on Android - Android Police
Apps seem like they're always getting larger in size, putting a strain on your phone's resources and your data plan. Google has tried to combat this with

WhatsApp and Instagram are down - Engadget
Instagram and WhatsApp appear to be coming back online after going down for roughly an hour in an outage that affected multiple Facebook services.

Fontemon is a Pokémon game squeezed into a font - The Verge
Fontemon is a font, but it’s also a playable parody Pokémon game chock-full of typography and Minnesota references. The game was made by Michael Mulet using Microsoft’s OpenType, and it’s available to try now.

Witnessing The Birth Of The 2021 Ariel Atom 4 And Driving The Mad Thing - Jalopnik
The Ariel Atom is a prosthetic. It’s something you strap onto your body that takes your physical motions and multiplies them, dramatically. All cars are like this, but the bigger and more complex they get, the less they feel like connected body augmentations.…

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