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Microsoft updates Teams with new automation and scheduling tools, NDI support for broadcasting and more - TechCrunch
At its (virtual) Build developer conference, Microsoft today announced a slew of updates for its Teams collaboration and communications platform. Given that Microsoft now sees Teams as its hub for teamwork and collaboration through calls, chats and audio and …

Elderly home turns to wearables for contact tracing, sidestepping Apple-Google limits - Reuters
When a senior living facility in Amarillo, Texas suspected a nurse may have caught the novel coronavirus this month, it had a list within five minutes of staff and residents the nurse could have infected.

Boost Chrome Tab Groups With This Beta Feature - Lifehacker
Google recently unveiled tab groups in Chrome. As I wrote in our guide to setting them up ahead of their full rollout, they’re an incredibly useful way to keep your sprawling browser tabs slightly more organized. If nothing else, adding a little color to Chro…

Hackers are putting star fragment trees in Animal Crossing, but planting them is a big risk - The Washington Post
Putting star fragment trees on your island not only puts you at risk for a potential ban, but could also destabilize your save file.

Dell launched sweeping update of its Latitude, Precision business laptop lines - Ars Technica
They're more refinements than reinventions, but most of the changes are welcome.

Sadly, Pixel phones remain a tiny piece of Google's hardware strategy - Android Central
Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave us a few choice quotes about the status of the company's hardware division, including Pixels — and unfortunately it didn't fill me with confidence.

Rumor: Apple AR Glasses Leak Points to Name, Price & Possible Launch Window - Road to VR
We know that Apple has been developing an AR headset since at least 2017, but outside of what we gathered from files hidden in iOS 13.1 late last year though, which included a sizable trove of information on the company’s upcoming AR device, there’s been litt…

New Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone Update - May 18 Patch Notes - GameSpot
The latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone has arrived on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with new maps, weapon balance changes, and more.

Google Fi starts rolling out eSIM support for existing iOS subscribers - 9to5Google
Last month, Google started letting new MVNO subscribers with iPhones set-up cellular service over eSIM. Google Fi iOS eSIM...

Google app for Android and iOS gets official dark mode, rollout starts today - 9to5Google
Google is finally rolling out dark mode support for its Search app on both Android and iOS several months behind other apps.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Review: Fantastic drone, despite obstacle avoidance blindspots - TechCrunch
I’m supposed to get photos as soon as I take something out of the box. I know better. The rule is not to play with the gadget first. I’m going to crash the drone; I always do. I crashed the DJI Mavic Air 2 and broke a landing peg. I flew the drone before I […]

Sony’s upcoming ZV-1 looks like an RX100 customized just for vlogging - The Verge
The RX100 VII seemed like the perfect vlogging camera, but it had a few shortcomings. Sony’s rumored ZV-1 appears to fix the biggest ones: a hot shoe, better aperture, and an ND filter.

Destiny 2 Servers Are Down To Roll Out A New Patch - GameSpot
A new update, Hotfix, is going live in Destiny 2 to fix some Season of the Worthy bugs, but not the one pestering players the most right now.

Overwatch Anniversary 2020: dates, new skins, brawls, and more details - Polygon
Overwatch’s annual Anniversary event is live. Blizzard has added new skins for Reaper, Mercy, Wrecking Ball, Ashe, and Zenyatta. Overwatch Anniversary 2020 runs from May 19 to June 9 on PS4, Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

Microsoft launches Windows Terminal 1.0, unveils GPU support and Linux GUI apps in WSL - VentureBeat
At Build 2020, Microsoft released Windows Terminal 1.0 and announced WSL 2 is getting support for GPUs, Linux GUI apps, and a simplified install experience.

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