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Brawl Stars Mixes Battle Royale & Dota 2 Into A Fun Mobile Game - Kotaku
I was being chased. I couldn’t get away. I ran into a nearby bush and yet I wasn’t safe. I was almost dead. I yelled out to a friend nearby to help, but I didn’t need to say anything. They had seen the chase and ran into to save me, pushing my pursuer away fr…

Google Pixel Slate Long-Term Review: A Better Laptop Than The 2018 iPad Pro - Forbes
The Pixel Slate has succeeded in one important respect: as a good laptop stand-in. It beats the 2018 iPad Pro in laptop mode and the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 in tablet mode.

Gemballa has Always Stood for Unrestrained Excess, and this 818-Horsepower Monster Continues the Legacy - Jalopnik
If you own a staid and boring 991 Turbo or Turbo S and you’re looking for a huge boost in power, want to stand out from the crowd with functional—if ugly—track-focused aerodynamics, and have a whole lot of money to throw at the problem, Gemballa has the solut…

Grab 'Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition' On Xbox One For an Awesome Price -
Grab ‘Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition’ On Xbox One For an Awesome Price

Goodbye, Machinima: YouTube gaming channel pulls the plug after 13 years - Digital Trends
Machinima, a YouTube gaming channel that was launched in 2006, has suddenly shut down, with all of its videos set to private. There was no public announcement regarding the move by Otter Media, so the #RIPMachinima hashtag is now making the rounds in social m…

Fortnite Ice Storm Challenges - Day 2 - Fortnite Insider
Two new Fortnite Ice Storm challenges have been unlocked and are available to complete. The Fortnite Ice Storm event took place yesterday in which the Ice King broke free from the sphere above Polar Peak and covered the entire map in snow. Ice Fiends and Ice …

5 Best Deals On Alexa-Equipped Accessories From Martin Luther King Jr. Day Long Weekend Sales - Forbes
There are a variety of smart home products that work with Amazon's Alexa. But this roundup includes the five best smart home products that will connect to Amazon's virtual personal assistant.

Snag a 43" 4K smart Toshiba Fire TV for just $200, an all-time low (40% off MSRP) - Android Police
We found a particularly tempting TV sale this Sunday — $200 for a Toshiba 43" Fire TV. With HDR support, this 4K LED TV is a Fire TV Edition device, so you can bark commands across the living room. The TV is well-reviewed, with praises for the image quality

Grab a Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL $150 off from the Google Store - Android Central
The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are great phones that bring the latest Android features to you in a premium, glass-encased package, and you can now get them $150 off!

Google app 9.5 preps Assistant Dark mode, additional ‘Updates’ functionality [APK Insight] - 9to5Google
As a more compact Google Assistant is rolling out, the latest Google app beta suggests that more features are in development. Version 9.5 reveals that a dark mode is in the works for Assistant, as …

Speed Up Google Chrome With This Tab-Reducing Extension - Lifehacker
I have somewhere around 70 tabs open on my computer right now, give or take a few. I treat Chrome tabs like temporary bookmarks. For instance, a few of my open tabs are for stories I want to read later, and a few others are for SF Beer Week events I’m current…

The Android Pie list: Will my phone get the Android 9 update? -
Some manufacturers are already distributing it, others have just announced it, and some have offered no update on the Android 9 Pie. Based on the current information available, we have summarized what it can do and who is missing what.

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