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Pro 'Fortnite' player sues FaZe Clan over 'oppressive' team contract - Engadget
Esports pro Tfue is suing his team, FaZe Clan, for allegedly violating the law with a contract that makes him give up much of his revenue potential.

Huawei can keep sending software updates to phones for three months, US says - The Verge
Huawei will be able to keep sending software updates to its phones despite an effective sales ban in the United States, after receiving a temporary license from the Commerce Department.

Instagram Data Breach Reports Prove You Should Skip Facebook’s Crypto - CCN
Adding to the laundry list of Facebook's data breaches, Instagram has reportedly leaked the contact information of 49 million (and growing) users.

[Update: APK Download] Google Calendar gets the dark mode treatment - Android Police
Google is continuing to roll out dark modes for its apps, most probably in preparation to match its upcoming OS-wide night theme. After updating Messages, Contacts, Calculator, and Keep, the company is now focusing on Calendar, so people can enjoy an interfac…

Using Android Q on the OnePlus 6T - Android Police
Since I had the OnePlus 6T available, I decided to install Android Q Beta 3 and see how it was. Let's just say it really lives up to it's "beta" name. Music ...

Google Glass still exists: Meet Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 - Ars Technica
It has a modern 10nm Qualcomm SoC, a bigger battery, and a version with safety glasses!

Maisie Williams’ talent discovery startup Daisie raises $2.5 million, hits 100K members - TechCrunch
Maisie Williams’ time on Game of Thrones may have come to an end, but her talent discovery app Daisie is just getting started. Co-founded by film producer Dom Santry, Daisie aims to make it easier for creators to showcase their work, discover projects and col…

Minecraft 10 Year Anniversary Map Exploration Gameplay - IGN
Exploring a few of the sights you can see on the Minecraft 10 year anniversary map. Minecraft Speedrunning Is Very Weird, but Interesting: https://www.youtub...

I switched to Google’s new $400 phone, and I’m never going back to $1,000-plus smartphones - Business Insider
Google's latest smartphone is just $400, and it's marketed as a "budget" device. But the phone is actually Google's best in years.

Instagram’s IGTV copies TikTok’s AI, Snapchat’s design - TechCrunch
Instagram conquered Stories, but it’s losing the battle for the next video formats. TikTok is blowing up with an algorithmically suggested vertical one-at-a-time feed featuring videos of users remixing each other’s clips. Snapchat Discover’s 2 x infinity grid…

Hyper’s 130W, 27000 mAh portable USB-C battery and 6-in-1 iPad Pro USB-C Hub now available - 9to5Mac
Two of Hyper’s Apple accessories saw big success on Kickstarter last year, the HyperJuice 130W USB-C Battery that charges any device, including the 15-inch MacBook Pro, and the HyperDrive USB…

How Smartphones Sabotage Your Brain's Ability to Focus - Wall Street Journal
Our phones give us instant gratification. But there’s a cost: loss of attention and productivity. WSJ's Daniela Hernandez goes on a quest to understand the s...

The Best Game Deals At Amazon For Memorial Day Weekend (Switch, PS4, Xbox One) - GameSpot
Amazon has some great deals on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One games in time for Memorial Day--here are the best game deals to take advantage of.

Aisha Tyler trash-talks her way through Rainbow Six Siege - Polygon
Aisha Tyler has a busy life: acting, directing, voice acting, even the beverage industry is on her to-do list. But what about video games? We give her the ch...

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