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Google Gives Wikimedia Millions—Plus Machine Learning Tools - WIRED
When the tech giant helps Wikipedia, it’s also helping itself.

Twitter is rolling out a new web interface, including an emoji button - The Verge
Twitter is updating its desktop version for some users, which will include aesthetic and functional changes. One of the biggest changes is a dedicated emoji button.

Acer announces two new educational 12-inch Chromebooks - The Verge
Acer announced two 12-inch Chromebook devices at the Bett conference for educators. Google also announced at the conference today that Chromebook usage in classrooms was up 5 percent, hitting 30 million devices worldwide.

Microsoft renews its push into education with sub-$300 2-in-1s, cheaper pens - Ars Technica
The education sales pitch: Teams, Windows 10 in S Mode, and cheap hardware.

Resident Evil 2 DLC will add new survivors to the remake - Polygon
The Ghost Survivors add-on for Resident Evil 2 will be free, giving players control of an Umbrella soldier, the owner of Gun Shop Kendo, and the daughter of Raccoon City’s mayor.

Resident Evil 2 Makes Claire An Even More Plausible And Stronger Heroine - Siliconera
The Claire we see in the Resident Evil 2 reimagining is a more well-rounded character who quickly shows herself as someone who can survive a zombie apocalypse. This remake also makes her relationships seem equally realistic.

Samsung heir reportedly insisted upon Galaxy S10's impressive camera specs - BGR
We’re less than a month out from Samsung’s next Unpacked showcase, where we expect to see the Galaxy S10 (as well as all of its variants) up close and personal for the first time. In ad…

WhatsApp Tries To Curb Misinformation, And Annoying Aunts And Uncles - NPR
WhatsApp has been accused of being used to spread rumors — with serious consequences. Now the ubiquitous messaging app is moving to limit how many people users can forward messages to.

Fortnite Patch Notes For Today's 7.20 Content Update: Sneaky Snowman - GameSpot
Epic has released new changes and content for Fortnite, including a sniper-centric LTM and tweaks to how often you'll find things like gliders and balloons.

Apple is holding a global iPhone photography contest, and the prize is that your photo could be used on a billboard - INSIDER
The photos will be judged by a panel of 10 people including Barack Obama's former personal photographer.

Apple releases macOS 10.14.3, iOS 12.1.3, watchOS 5.1.3, and tvOS 12.1.2 - Ars Technica
The updates are mostly bug fixes and security improvements.

Honor’s Watch Magic smartwatch debuts in Europe for €179 - The Verge
Honor has never come out with a smartwatch in Europe, until now. The Honor Magic and Honor Dream are debuting in Europe on January 23rd, starting at €179.

IK Multimedia Announces the iRig Micro Amp - Premier Guitar
A battery-powered, ultra-compact combo amplifier with three on-board analog channels plus a digital interface.

Porsche Is Smart for Making the 2020 911 Hybrid-Ready - Jalopnik
Through all of the back and forth rumors of the new Porsche 911 going hybrid, I finally got a chance to sit down with Porsche itself to get a straight yes or no answer. And that answer is technically yes, there can be a hybrid 911. The stage is set for one, a…

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