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Act fast! This Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 Black Friday Bargain is almost out of stock
Trusted Reviews' Laptop of the Year is currently selling with a whopping £480 discount. Stock is limited though, so you'll need to order one promptly.

Foldable Samsung Galaxy Flex pricing rumors are ramping up, but you may not like them
Samsung Galaxy Flex is the newly rumored name of the company's first-ever foldable smartphone, which may cost anywhere between $1,500 and $2,000 in multiple versions when it finally goes on sale....

The best minimalist ultrathin cases for the iPhone get Black Friday BOGO promos
Peel, Totallee, Spigen's AirSkin - the best minimalist cases you can get for your iPhones, with today's Black Friday discounts to boot......

The US government is reportedly trying to persuade allies to stop using Huawei equipment
The US government is attempting to perusade allies to stop using Huawei equipment due to security fears. Sources claim that US government officials have met with counterparts in Germany, Japan, and Italy, and are reportedly considering offering financial ince…

The Past, Present and Future of Diablo
Since 2014 updates to Diablo III have been light and sporadic, and four years later, Blizzard's announcement of Diablo Immortal at a time when fans are hungry for any news of a Diablo IV has led to big questions about the future of the franchise. What's reall…

Land Rover pins recovery hopes on new Evoque
Styling changes are very subtle for new small Range Rover and mild hybrid version is coming

How to Choose Between Google and Alexa in 2018
Alexa is an A.I. that you need to understand, while Google Assistant works harder to understand you.

Black Friday: Here are the best deals you can get right now
Don't get duped by a deal on a bad product. We're searching for all the best sales and will be updating all day long!

Don't ask Siri about Donald Trump today
In an apparent glitch asking Siri the question "who is Donald Trump" or "how old is Donald Trump" returns an image of male genitalia.

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