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Video Games Should Be Weirder - Kotaku
I’ve been thinking a lot about yesterday’s surprise announcement of Playdate, the new handheld games experiment from Firewatch publisher Panic. More than anything, it’s weird: A small, single-purpose handheld with a set 12-week program of mystery games is the…

Systems administrators: You need to know about this Windows 10 1903 patching change - ZDNet
Microsoft is changing how WSUS and Configuration Manager will handle patches as of Windows 10 1903. Here's what admins need to know.

With PS5 Coming, Sony's Big First-Party Games Still Releasing On PS4 - GameSpot
With more news of Sony's forthcoming next-gen console trickling out, the company's making sure everyone knows the PlayStation 4 won't be abandoned once the new generation arrives.

Google Duo Introduces Group Video Call Support on Android and iOS -
Google Duo finally lets you make group video calls on Android and iOS.

Fund Your Favorite Open-Source Projects Using Github's New Sponsorship Program - Lifehacker
We’re big fans of open source software and the ethos of freedom, security, and transparency that often drives such projects. But software development and upkeep are not cheap, and even the most capable open source developers need help now and again. Luckily, …

The Very Best Xbox Controller Now Has Swappable Paddles, Thumbsticks, and Even Faceplates - Gizmodo
Microsoft or Sony don’t make the best controllers for your Xbox or PlayStation. Instead, they’re made by Scuf, a company that produces high-end customizable controllers intended for competitive gaming and people who want the best experience. So when the compa…

Complete Season 9 Week 3 Cheat Sheet with all challenge locations - FortniteINTEL
Another week, another set of fresh Fortnite challenges to grind through. Let’s dive into how you can get those challenges done as fast as possible. Each week, Epic releases a new wave of challenges for us to complete. Every set brings something a little bit d…

Amazon considered letting Alexa listen to you without a wake word - Engadget
A patent filed by Amazon would let Alexa record audio before hearing a "wake word" to process more natural speech patterns.

The 2019 Acura NSX is a supercar built for everyday auto nerds - Engadget
Acura’s NSX supercar is more than a nostalgia play

Pokémon T-Shirt Contest Winner Disqualified, Design Pulled From Upcoming Game - Kotaku
Earlier this week, Japanese clothing company Uniqlo announced Chinese artist Li Wen Pei had won its UT Grand Prix contest for designing Pokémon T-shirts. He was set to win $10,000 and have his design featured in Pokémon Sword and Shield, set to come to Switch…

Microsoft’s new language learning app uses your phone’s camera and computer vision to teach vocabulary - TechCrunch
Eight Microsoft interns have developed a new language learning tool that uses the smartphone camera to help adults improve their English literacy by learning the words for the things around them. The app, Read My World, lets you take a picture with your phone…

How to set up Google Assistant on your Sonos speaker - The Verge
Google Assistant is now available on the Sonos One and Sonos Beam, meaning you’ve now got a second choice besides Alexa for handling your voice commands. Older Sonos speakers can also be controlled with a Google Home or Home Mini.

First 8-core MacBook Pro performance gains spotted in Geekbench results - 9to5Mac
The first Geekbench results have landed today for the new 8-core MacBook Pro. Both the single-core and multi-core scores show improvements for the new notebook over the last generation MacBook Pro, with the multi-core result coming close to Apple’s claim of u…

Why Bloodborne and Muppets are the exact same thing - Polygon
Did you ever notice that the fuzzy nightmares in Bloodborne look exactly like muppets. It's a funny coincidence... or is it? Basically, Bloodborne monsters a...

Telltale Games' back catalog is getting delisted from GOG soon - Destructoid
Telltale Games' back catalog is getting delisted from GOG soon

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