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Gloomhaven is coming to consoles - Polygon
Gloomhaven, the tabletop sensation, is coming to consoles in 2023, with the excellent PC version of the game being ported by Saber Interactive next year.

The full saga of Apple’s troubled mixed reality headset has been revealed - Ars Technica
It's a complicated tale of processors, base stations, politics, and Jony Ive.

Sony's classic PlayStation games on PS Plus appear to be 50hz - even in non-PAL regions | VGC - Video Games Chronicle
First-party games appearing in Asian markets look to be the PAL European versions…

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Review - IGN
King Arthur: Knight's Tale reviewed by Jon Bolding on PC.King Arthur: Knight's Tale takes the classic ideas of the legend and remixes them into a familiar fo...

Modder brings even better co-op to Elden Ring this weekend - Polygon
LukeYui’s seamless co-op mod brings a friendlier spin to Elden Ring this Friday. The work-in-progress mod aims to remove most existing co-op restrictions, letting you enjoy the soulslike adventure without having to say goodbye to your pals.

Valve Made Steam Deck Easy To Mod And Repair, And It’s Starting To Pay Off - Kotaku
Valve’s open policies, iFixit’s spare parts, and fans’ 3d-printed mods show a new way forward

LG's brilliant C1 OLED just hit its lowest price ever on Amazon - The Verge
LG’s C1 OLED, one of our favorite TVs for gaming, is on sale for its lowest price to date right now. You can also get a 256GB Macbook Air for just $900 or a Bluetooth-enabled Galaxy Watch 4 when you buy an unlocked S22 Ultra.

Former Xbox Vice President Worried Game Pass Could Hurt The Industry - Kotaku
Ed Fries is concerned that the success of Game Pass could cannibalize future sales of games

AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs will be faster than 5 GHz, require DDR5 RAM, support PCIe 5.0 - Ars Technica
Integrated RDNA2-based Radeon GPUs will also become a standard feature.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Player Count Surges Thanks to Jetstream Sam - IGN - IGN
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance player count on Steam has exploded thanks to the popularity of one of its characters as a meme.

Mario Strikers: Battle League - Official Trailer - IGN
A new Mario Strikers: Battle League trailer has arrived. Check it out for another look at this upcoming game ahead of its release on Nintendo Switch on June ...

Motorola teases upcoming phone with massive 200MP camera - Engadget
In seperate teasers posted on Weibo, Motorola has hinted at two new phones: one featuring a huge 200-MP and an updated foldable packing a Snapdragon 8+ gen 1 chip..

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