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We Played Several Hours Of Anthem: Here's What The Game Is Like - GameSpot
From the start of Anthem to late-game content, we got a sense of how the game will feel and how BioWare is trying to stand apart from other shooters.

iOS 12.2 beta 1 Changes and Features! - 9to5Mac
iOS 12.2 Beta 1 is a big update with several new noteworthy features and changes. ...

DeepMind's AI agents conquer human pros at Starcraft II - The Verge
Google’s DeepMind has beaten human professional players at Starcraft II using an AI system called AlphaStar. The games were streamed on Twitch and YouTube, and although AI won the first 10 games, humans did win the 11th.

Apple hires a Samsung battery exec, suggesting it may make its own batteries - Ars Technica
Apple's quest to control every part of its products continues.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Is Reconsidering Simultaneous Worldwide Releases After The Game Leaked - GameSpot
KH3 is already out in Japan, but a few copies of the game have leaked overseas. Director Nomura is not happy about that.

Fable moves away from VR and towards AI-powered 'virtual beings' - Engadget
"AI is the next art form," says VR pioneer Edward Saatchi.

Fortnite: Where To Search Between Mysterious Hatch, Rock Lady, Flatbed Location (Season 7, Week 8) - GameSpot
Week 8's new challenges include searching between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady, and a precarious flatbed. Here's the location you'll need to visit and how to complete it.

Survey Of 4,000 Game Developers Says Half Of Them Want To Unionize - Kotaku
In a survey of nearly 4,000 game developers published today by the Game Developers Conference, half of developers surveyed said they thought game industry workers should unionize.

Wirecutter's best deals: Save big on Vizio P-Series F1 4K LED TVs - Engadget
Today's deals can help you upgrade your home from TVs to robot vacuums

Atomic Heart: New 10-Minute Gameplay Trailer - IGN
Atomic Heart came out of nowhere last year and jumped on a lot of people's radars, thanks to its BioShock-on-acid weirdness (in a good way). Check out a huge...

Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Expose Crypto to Millions of Users - newsBTC
Leaked images suggest Samsung could ship the Galaxy S10 with a crypto wallet to store cryptocurrencies like Ethereum via a Samsung Blockchain KeyStore app.

Overwatch's New Skins Are Based On Historic Figures - Kotaku
It’s that time again: Another year has passed, sapping us all of precious vitality and slowly pulverizing our faculties until we’re unidentifiable powder in the wind. But in return, we get new Overwatch skins as part of the game’s annual Lunar New Year event.…

Vivo's new concept phone doesn't have a screen notch or a front-facing camera because who needs selfies - Android Police
Today Vivo has revealed a new concept phone in the vein of yesterday's Meizu. The device, which only seems to go by the unimaginative name "APEX 2019 Concept Smartphone," isn't only Vivo's first 5G smartphone, it also eschews most modern design sensibilities.…

Facebook is shutting down Moments. Here’s how to save all your photos - TechCrunch
Facebook Moments, the standalone mobile app designed to let users privately share photos and videos, is shutting down next month. Facebook confirmed that app’s services will end February 25. Facebook decided to end support for app, which hasn’t been updated i…

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