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Google offered a professor $60,000, but he turned it down. Here's why - CNN
When Luke Stark sought money from Google in November he had no idea he'd be turning down $60,000 from the tech giant in March.

Genshin Impact Made Over $1 Billion In Just Six Months - Kotaku
You folks hear of this game Genshin Impact? Pretty big deal. So big that it’s raked in over $1 billion (that’s three commas, people) in mobile revenue since it launched nearly six months ago on September 28.

Dyson's latest cordless vacuum is a clean freak's dream come true - CNET
The new Dyson V15 Detect vacuum shines a laser to reveal hidden dirt and dust as you clean.

Ikumi Nakamura Talks About Her New Studio While Exploring Spooky Buildings - Kotaku
Ikumi Nakamura, the former GhostWire: Tokyo creative director who made a huge splash with her brief appearance at E3 2019, is finally ready to talk about opening her own game development studio after leaving Tango Gameworks in 2019. Fittingly, she did so whil…

Slack Connect Now Lets You DM Anyone. So Long, Work-Life Balance - WIRED
Now people you don’t work with can send you direct messages in Slack. It’s not necessarily an “email killer,” but it’s also not great for chats.

Microsoft starts testing complementary multiplayer for free-to-play games | Engadget - Engadget
The company has now started testing a dashboard update that enables removes the Xbox Gold requirement to play free-to-play games online.

OnePlus 9R offers fast-refresh rate screen, costs less - The Verge
The OnePlus 9R is a lower-cost alternative to the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro flagships, featuring a 6.55-inch 120Hz display, 65W fast charging, and a Snapdragon 870 processor.

Amazon adds annoying streaming service buttons to its Fire TV remote - The Verge
Amazon has added new buttons to its Alexa Voice remotes for Fire TVs, but not all of them are great. Some of them will take you to streaming services you may not use, which is just an unnecessary hassle.

Super Smash Bros. Devotes An Entire Update To Nerfing Wii Fit Trainer - Kotaku
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate balance changes tend to come in waves. Whenever the developers add new content to the game, players can expect to be greeted by a handful of character adjustments across the expansive roster. But in the latest update, the decision-m…

Poll: Which rumored Apple Silicon iMac are you most excited about? - 9to5Mac
New iMac with Apple Silicon is going to become a reality soon. Which of them are you most excited about?

The WoW Classic Burning Crusade Beta Is Live, If You're Into That Sort Of Thing - Kotaku
Look I don’t know why folks are excited to replay Blizzard’s first attempt at a World of Warcraft expansion, with its endless walking and “kill x of y” quests, but if you’ve opted-in for the World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade beta, now’s your time.

Louis Vuitton Ginza Namiki / Jun Aoki & Associates + Peter Marino Architect - ArchDaily
Completed in 2021 in Chuo City, Japan. Images by Daici Ano. With great anticipation, Louis Vuitton announces the arrival of Louis Vuitton Ginza Namiki in Tokyo’s Ginza district. The store presents an...

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