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Blizzard Randomly Slashed Prices on Overwatch Permanently - Bleeding Cool News
A few different people caught onto the fact that Blizzard, seemingly out of the blue, decided to permanently discount Overwatch this week.

'Kingdom Hearts III' Stream Restrictions Bans "Commercial" Streaming -
'Kingdom Hearts III' Stream Restrictions Bans "Commercial" Streaming

Super Smash Bros.: 25 Things Players Didn't Know They Were Doing Wrong In Ultimate - Screen Rant
Now that Ultimate has been out for over a month, most players are accustomed to the game. However, some players are still making obvious mistakes.

Want to run PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) on a lower-end PC? See free-to-play PUBG Lite. - Windows Central
PUBG is a battle royale game focused on scavenging weapons and using stealth or other tactics to be the last person alive. While the title has see unprecedented popularity on Steam and other platforms like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Taking a look at the rumors surrounding Apple's 'AirPods 2' - AppleInsider
Apple's AirPods are a highly popular accessory, but with the possibility of a second-generation on the way that could include health tracking-related features, the next version is likely to be both more useful and even more desirable. AppleInsider looks at th…

Apple's iPhone XS Looks Like a Flop in the United States - Motley Fool - The Motley Fool
Data from CIRP points to dismal sales of the iPhone XS in the U.S.

Sora is all about the 'gram in 'Kingdom Hearts 3' - Engadget
Sora and his friends have their own version of Instagram in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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