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Joe Rogan: "Video Games Are A Real Problem" - HotNewHipHop
Joe Rogan recently spoke about the pitfalls of gaming on his most recent podcast with Joe De Sena.

Super Mario 64 Source Code Leak May Confirm Luigi Was Planned to Be Playable - IGN
A massive Nintendo source code leak may have revealed a ton of development secrets for classic games, including that Luigi was once planned to be playable in Super Mario 64.

Major Galaxy Tab S7 leak hints at a smaller model without AMOLED - Engadget
A large Galaxy Tab S7 leak appears to have revealed a lot about Samsung's next tablet, including the absence of AMOLED on a smaller version.

Running Around During Loading Screens Is An Important Part Of Assassin's Creed - Kotaku
Loading screens often suck. But they can occasionally become more than just periods of time where you are forced to sit around and wait. In Assassin’s Creed, a tradition has formed of letting players run around in an endless void and it has (mostly) stuck aro…

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: New features to include hand gestures, fall detection to compete with Apple Watch - USA TODAY
Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 3 will include new hand control commands and support fall detection, according to XDA Developers, a mobile forum.

Obsidian Reveals Xbox Series X RPG Avowed, Set In Pillars Of Eternity World - GameSpot
The acclaimed studio returns with a new first-person RPG for Microsoft's upcoming console

Look at this cool LED face mask made by a fashion entrepreneur - The Verge
Lumen Couture has an entire line of tech-enabled fashion, including dresses, hoodies, and costumes, and designer Chelsea Klukas shifted to masks when in-person events were being canceled due to the coronavirus. She decided to add the tech to make the face mas…

Best gaming deals: Nintendo Switch games and action movies at Amazon - Polygon
Amazon is offering several deals this weekend, including a buy-2-get-1-free sale on action movie Blu-rays and discounts on 2K games for Nintendo Switch like Bioshock and XCOM 2. Plus, deals at Best Buy and Green Man Gaming.

'Shop Contest: Next-Gen Brute - Kotaku
We got to see some gameplay from that new Halo game coming out later this year. It didn’t look...amazing. But it did give us a next-gen Brute. And he looks sad. Let’s get him out of Halo Infinite and let him explore other worlds!

Apple's AirPods Pros just dropped below $200 for the first time ever - USA TODAY
Apple Airpods Pro earbuds are the best wireless earbuds on the market, and they're marked down below $200 for the first time ever—find out more.

Arkham Knight is Batman's Worst Nightmare with Flame Toys - Bleeding Cool News
Batman has his hands full in the choas of Gotham as a mysterious new enemy makes his way into the city: The Arkham Knight.

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