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How to detox from your smartphone with these apps and gadgets - The Verge
Smartphones are designed to make you compulsively check them. With bright colors, flashing lights, and constant notifications, it’s hard to spend less time on your phone and disconnect. In this episode of Workflow, Andrew Hawkins shows us a few different ways…

Google keeps failing to understand tablets - The Verge
Google’s Pixel Slate is the latest in a long line of failed tablet products from the Mountain View company. The root cause for this run of embarrassing defeats has been Google’s reliance on Android and Chrome OS, software designed for other computing platform…

Alexa Big Mouth Billy Bass Is the Zenith of Technological Achievement - Tom's Guide
What the world needs now is a fish that can lip sync spoken responses from Alexa.

Apple estimates cut again amid fears of sluggish iPhone demand - CNBC
Another Wall Street firm has cut expectations for Apple's stock amid fears of soft smartphone and overall iPhone demand.

Part SUV, part pickup: Jeep makes a bold statement with its new Gladiator model - CNBC
There's an old adage in the auto business, if you want to make a statement, build a new model with a polarizing look. Jeep is certainly doing that.

PSA: If you’ve ever used a Sennheiser headset with your Mac, it is wide open to attack - 9to5Mac
If you’ve ever used a Sennheiser headset or speakerphone device with your Mac (or Windows PC), the accompanying HeadSetup app has left your machine wide open to attack. In what has been descr…

Kia unveils 2020 Soul EV with much larger battery pack for over ~200 miles of range - Electrek
Kia is skipping a year and unveiling its 2020 Soul EV at the 2018 LA Auto Show. The automaker’s flagship electric vehicle is adding the same 64 kWh battery pack found in the Niro EV to push t…

Apple is getting sued for not including dust filters in iMac and MacBooks - TechRadar
Class action suit alleges it causes display and performance problems

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