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All of Apple's 2020 iPhones may offer 5G - Engadget
You might not have to be picky about your device or carrier to get a 5G iPhone.

The Week In Games: Are You Ready For Some Football? - Kotaku
Like taxes and death, we can never really escape the yearly Madden games. If you love football, then get ready. This week Madden NFL 20 releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Bugha Wins Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals - Kotaku
Fortnite player Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won the World Cup Solo finals today. The 16-year-old North America East player finished with 59 points and takes home a prize of $3 million.

If You Crash Your NSX, Acura Will Take It Back to the Factory to Fix It - Jalopnik
If you have a $158,000, 573-horsepower, hybrid aluminum supercar, you’d be forgiven for not wanting your basic Acura dealer’s body shop handling collision repairs. That’s why, for significant structural damage on U.S.-market cars, Acura will take your NSX bac…

Epic Games Has Released the First Teaser for Fortnite Season X - Gaming INTEL
A few days prior to next season and Epic Games has released the very first teaser. Players can receive a first look at the Fortnite Season X teasers here...

How accurate are fitness trackers and does it matter? We asked an expert - Digital Trends
Fitness trackers are hugely popular now and they help us to count our steps, measure our heart rates, and record all of our daily activity. Whether you use a smartwatch or a simple fitness band, you may be wondering just how accurate is the underlying technol…

Fortnite Cheaters Booed by World Cup Crowd As They're Eliminated From Tournament - IGN - IGN
A known Fortnite cheater managed to get into the World Cup Finals, but quickly learned the crowd wasn't on his side.

Apex Legends match turns into chaos after no weapons or items spawn in - Dexerto
What happens in Apex Legends when no weapons or items spawn in?

You Can Beat GoldenEye On N64 With Only One Bullet - Kotaku
GoldenEye is a first-person shooter released for the N64 back in the 90s. You might notice a keyword in that previous sentence. “Shooter.” This means the player is equipped with various guns and then shoots them at enemies. But is it possible to beat this cla…

Polygon Might Have Just Leaked Bully 2 - RockstarINTEL
Video game news site Polygon may have just leaked Bully 2. Either that, or this is the most evil troll of all time. In a new article from the site...

Google is Replacing Voice Search With Google Assistant on Android Devices - Search Engine Journal
Google is reportedly in the process of replacing voice search on Android devices with Google Assistant.

Fans Want "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door" To Be Remastered - Bleeding Cool News
It seems there's a new movement for Nintendo to remaster a game on social media, specifically Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Apple Regulatory Filings Suggest Two More iPad Models Coming in 2019 - Gizmodo
Apple has filed two model identifiers for new iPads into the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database, Apple Insider reported on Saturday, listed as A2200 and A2232. That follows on five prior entries by Apple into the database this year (A2197, A2228, A20…

DEAL: Pixel 3 and 3 XL $400 Off at Best Buy, BOGO Free at Verizon - Droid Life
Verizon and Best Buy are each hosting big time Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL deals this weekend. At Best Buy, you can get between $300 and $400 off either phone, while Verizon has a mix of $300 off and buy one, get one free deals. Best Buy Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL Deals.…

Daily Deals: Legend of Zelda Encyclopedias up to 55% Off, Special Edition Playstation 4 Slim for $249, Nier GotYE for $24 and More - IGN - IGN
Don't pass up these stellar deals on Nintendo Encyclopedias, 4K Blu-rays for cheap and a Days of Play PS4 Slim for $50 off.

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