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Rocket League Season 3 Release Date Announced Alongside NASCAR and Formula 1 Bundles - IGN - IGN
Rocket League Season 3 will begin on April 7, 2021, and it will feature two bundles that celebrate both NASCAR and Formula 1.

This Microsoft Flight Simulator mod features the cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal - The Verge
The cargo ship Ever Given, which has been stuck in the Suez Canal for almost a week now, has shown in Microsoft Flight Simulator courtesy of a new mod.

2005 Ford GT Drag Races 1967 Ford GT40 Mk III in Ultimate Old vs. New Showdown - autoevolution
Produced specifically to whoop Italian butts, the GT40 is a racing icon. Brought into the mainstream once again by the Ford versus Ferrari blockbuster starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale, the mid-engined racecar that won Le Mans four times on the trot is a…

Here are 5 things you can do at the Super Nintendo World in Japan - Business Insider
A Japanese theme park based around video games opened this week after months of delays. Here are Super Nintendo World's key highlights.

Chrome, Edge, and the user between – Observations on privacy, convenience, and the state of compassion - Chrome Unboxed
Every time I read the news on Google Discover on my phone, I see various articles that, for one reason or another, proclaim that the reader should "ditch Google Chrome in favor of Microsoft Edge". These articles often cite many new and upcoming Edge features,…

No, I Did Not Hack Your MS Exchange Server — Krebs on Security - Krebs on Security
New data suggests someone has compromised more than 21,000 Microsoft Exchange Server email systems worldwide and infected them with malware that invokes both KrebsOnSecurity and Yours Truly by name. Let's just get this out of the way right now: It wasn't me.

Amazon's rotating Echo Show 10 is $40 off at Amazon | Engadget - Engadget
Amazon's automatically rotating Echo Show 10 smart display is on sale for $40 off, and there are discounts on other devices as well.

Activision releases online-only PC game without online content, cracked in one day - Ars Technica
Game's console versions don't require online connection; all lack online content.

Someone Made A PS5 Out Of Brass - Kotaku
After watching this video, I still think the hardest part of making a brass PlayStation 5 is actually finding a PS5 to modify.

Chrome tests ability to quickly hide the reading list from the bookmarks bar - Android Police
If you're using the Canary version of Chrome, you might have noticed the reading list icon hanging out on the right side of the bookmarks bar, just under

Choosing the most influential Android devices of the last decade - Android Police
We've clearly got a little bias on the subject, but Android has a long and storied history filled with its own triumphs and pitfalls. It's been well over

Crypto user modifies old school Game Boy for Bitcoin mining - Cointelegraph
Using hardware from a Nintendo Game Boy, a Raspberry Pi microcontroller board, a USB flash card, and a few lines of code, a crypto user was able to set up a rig to mine Bitcoin.

Anthem Game Director Jonathan Warner Departs BioWare After Nearly 10 Years - IGN - IGN
Anthem's game director Jonathan Warner has left BioWare after nearly 10 years at the studio. His departure also arrives a bit over a month after BioWare made the decision to stop development on Anthem Next.

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