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Qualcomm hints that the 5G iPhone might not arrive in September - The Verge
Qualcomm’s Q3 2020 earnings noted that a “delay of a global 5G flagship phone launch” is coming, in what might indicate a delay for Apple’s upcoming 5G iPhones this fall.

Amazon doesn’t sell Echo speakers at a loss, says Bezos — unless they’re on sale - The Verge
Amazon has long been accused of undercutting its rivals with its Echo smart speakers, allegedly keeping competitors like Sonos from getting a foothold in the market — but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says that at their full retail price, the company isn’t taking a l…

Chrome OS Could Soon Be Connecting With Your Android Phone in a Welcome Way - Gizmodo
While Chrome OS users are able to connect their android phones to their computers to text and use their phone as an automatic wi-fi hotspot, it’s been lacking in certain features. Compared to the Windows 10 Your Phone app, it doesn’t integrate as deeply with …

The 2021 Hyundai Veloster N's Automatic Transmission Comes With An Overboosting Party Trick - Jalopnik
Don’t worry you’re still going to be able to buy a 2021 Hyundai Veloster N with a stick. But now you can now also spec a dual-clutch auto with “N Grin Shift” which, apparently, lets you bump the turbo boost momentarily for a little surge of speed. Sounds fun.

Halo Infinite Comes To PS4 In Mind-Blowing Dreams Recreation - GameSpot
It's not official, but Halo Infinite looks pretty incredible in this impressive Dreams recreation.

We Build the LEGO: Nintendo Entertainment System and it Contains a Hidden Surprise - IGN - IGN
Just in time for Mario's 35th anniversary, Set #71374 is an involved, nostalgic experience with an unadvertised secret.

Exclusive: Arizona leads multi-state probe into older iPhones slowing, shutting down - Reuters
Arizona is leading a multi-U.S. state probe into whether Apple Inc's deliberate slowing of older iPhones violated deceptive trade practice laws, documents reviewed by Reuters on Wednesday showed.

New flaw neuters Secure Boot, but there’s no reason to panic. Here’s why - Ars Technica
Boot Hole provides a new way to install boot-level malware. But it's hardly the only.

Bye-bye, Chrome: 10 steps to help you switch to Microsoft's new Edge browser - ZDNet
If you've been looking for an option to dump Google's Chrome browser, consider Microsoft's new Edge browser, which delivers much of the same experience you get from Chrome, with a few features that are downright superior. Here's how to get started.

The latest MacBook Air is $100 off at Amazon and B&H Photo - Engadget
Apple's latest MacBook Air laptop is $100 off at Amazon and B&H Photo.

Elon Musk's Starlink internet satellites photobomb Comet Neowise - Business Insider - Business Insider
Starlink satellites interrupted a photo of Comet Neowise. Astronomers fear the same will happen to their other observations.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 leak shows off hole-punch cameras and a bigger external display - Circuit Breaker
A new leak showcases Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 2 redesign, with hole-punch cameras, a larger screen both inside and out, and a new camera array. The company is expected to announce the new phone at its event on August 5th.

Andy Cohen said he has 'robust' Covid-19 antibodies but can't donate plasma because he's gay - CNN
TV host Andy Cohen said he's disappointed that -- even though he's tested positive for "robust" Covid-19 antibodies -- he isn't allowed to potentially help coronavirus patients by donating plasma because he's a gay man.

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