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Microsoft is adding a free built-in VPN to its Edge browser - The Verge
Microsoft is adding a free built-in virtual private network (VPN) service, Edge Secure Network, to its Edge browser, although the tech giant hasn’t revealed when exactly. The service will allow users to protect their data from internet service providers and h…

Toyota Supra Gets A Six-Speed Manual, But Only With The Six-Cylinder Engine (Updated) - Jalopnik
The six-speed manual is a modified version of what's available in the European BMW Z4

Sources: Pixel Watch is powered by a 300mAh battery and offers cellular connectivity - 9to5Google
Sources now tell 9to5Google that the Pixel Watch will offer cellular connectivity and how long the battery might last....

Epic asks court to stop Google's removal of Bandcamp from the Play Store (updated) - Engadget
Epic Games has filed to stop Google from pulling Bandcamp from the Play Store due to its third-party billing..

Don’t sell D’s armor in Elden Ring — you will regret it - Polygon
I can’t stand clutter, in real life or in my video games. If I’m not going to use something, I sell it. That’s what I’ve been doing in Elden Ring, and it was going great — until I sold D’s armor while playing through Fia’s questline.

A walk through the end with Naoki Yoshida - The Verge
In an interview with Naoki Yoshida, the game director of Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI revealed details of how the latest expansion Endwalker came together and what could be in store for future expansions.

Activision Blizzard again accused of threatening employees for speaking out - The Verge
Activision Blizzard is facing another labor complaint after an employee was allegedly threatened for discussing a lawsuit against the company in a work Slack channel.

So long Wordle—Knotwords is my new daily word-game obsession - Ars Technica
The unique, logic-heavy combo of crosswords and kenken tickles my brain just right.

Sony closes a PS Plus loophole by pausing subscription extensions - Engadget
It's stopping users from getting years of access to the new PS Plus Premium tier on the cheap..

PlayStation Cat Game Stray Pushed to Summer 2022 - IGN
PlayStation has quietly announced a delay to it's PS4 and PS5 cat game Stray with a release now expected from BlueTwelve this summer.

Viva Piñata Party Animals and Yoku's Island Express lead May's Xbox Games With Gold -
As we teeter on the cusp of a brand-new month, Microsoft has whipped out its announcement horn to regale Xbox Live Gold…

Activision Announces 47th Call of Duty, Modern Warfare II, Which Is The 10th Modern Warfare Game - Kotaku
Somehow, this is technically the fourth Call of Duty to feature the name Modern Warfare 2

5 mistakes everyone makes with LG OLED TVs, and how to fix them - TechRadar
Get the best possible picture quality with a few small tweaks

Genshin Impact Fans React To Historic First Delay In Two Years Of The Pandemic - Kotaku
HoYoverse continues to be impacted by Shanghai’s ongoing covid lockdowns

GeForce Now adds Apple Silicon support, making it sort of possible to game on a Mac - Ars Technica
Native Apple Silicon support promises lower power use, faster startup times.

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